Medical Marketing Video Helps Doctors Win Patients Despite The Current Recession

Medical Marketing Video Helps Doctors Win Patients Despite The Current Recession

PRESS RELEASE; June 18, 2008

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2008 — According to its co-founder Stewart Gandolf, Healthcare Success ¬†today released a free medical marketing video designed to help doctors and healthcare institutions counter the effects of the current recession.

According to Gandolf, “Many laypeople would be surprised to learn that doctors feel the pain of our declining economy too. In fact, every day we hear from doctors and administrators nationwide who are struggling with declines in patients and revenues directly due to this recession.”

Entitled “Medical Marketing Secrets To Win Patients Despite Our Deepening Recession,” the 9-minute presentation video details the causes of our current recession, warns doctors about common medical marketing mistakes and includes 17 strategies which doctors should follow immediately to improve their bottom line. Utilizing YouTube technology, the video can be viewed instantly on Healthcare Success’ website.

Gandolf continues, “Of course, as a medical marketing and advertising agency we hope this free video will introduce us to new clients who need our help. Additionally, since we’re giving away so many useful ideas, we expect it will spread virally to help thousands of doctors, healthcare institutions and small businesses worldwide.”

To view the video, doctors and administrators should go to

Healthcare Success may be reached by calling (800) 656-0907.

Healthcare Success is a leading medical marketing firm. Co-founded by Stewart Gandolf, the company offers medical marketing workshops, CDs, on-site consulting and a full-service medical advertising agency that produces websites, brochures, television commercials and more.

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