Financing: Talk about Benefits for Better Case Acceptance

The right choice of words helps patients say “yes”to the elective care they want It’s a challenge that cuts across so many professions–dental/orthodontics, cosmetic surgery, vision correction–anywhere the price of elective care seems just out of reach for the patient who needs and wants your services.

Great Customer Service in Ten Seconds Or Less

10 second customer service

What does a typical visit to your medical practice have to say about your practice reputation? Here are five ways to exceed expectations and create a memorable service experience – a cornerstone of superior healthcare branding.

TxtMsg to Hospital Marketing & Advertising Execs: Take Two Apps and Call Me in the Morning


The trend for hospital marketing and advertising professionals is increasingly: “think mobile.” It’s a message that’s reinforced with the introduction next week of an online “app store” by the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA). The first-ever mobile application store by and for healthcare professionals—doctors health care executives, nurses and other medical providers—launches in November… Read More

The Humble Carrot: Enduring Vegetable Icon of Vision Health and Optometry Marketing

optometrist carrots sign advertising

The vision-health benefits of eating carrots have stronger roots in popular folklore than in pure science. (The surprising origin of the carrots-for-better-vision is revealed below.) But the orange-ish root vegetable remains an enduring icon that pops up from time to time in optometry marketing. Here are two creative examples we happened to see recently.

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