Does Botox Belong in the Dentist’s Office? It Depends on Who You Ask.

cosmetic injection of botox

Back in the uncomplicated good old days of healthcare marketing, the many and various medical professions, specialties and subspecialties were neatly organized by basic anatomy. Podiatrists, for example, worked on stuff “below the knee.” A patient with a snoring problem might be referred to an “ear-nose-throat” specialist. And dentists cared for your teeth and gums…. Read More

How Bottom-Line Success is Really About Creating Top-Line Relationships in Healthcare

How the patient experience is increasingly vital to financial success in our changing healthcare delivery system. From large health systems to hospitals, to medical practices, relationships and satisfaction connect directly to the bottom line. Professional practices, hospitals and virtually all healthcare providers of any size are increasingly aware that, like the retail business down the… Read More

Digital Deal-A-Day Coupons Hold Cautions for Healthcare Marketing

coupon offer

The deal-of-the-day coupon phenomenon is new, but it very much looks like it’s here to stay…at least in the retail/merchant sector. For healthcare, however, some cautionary tales have emerged. Our previous post pointed to Groupon as the leading poster boy for a dozen or more “try-it-you’ll-like-it” deal sites. And more importantly, the fact that the… Read More

Tracking the Source of New Patients to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

Using ad-tracking toll-free phone numbers to document what most staffs forget to ask. If successful marketing has a mantra, it is: “You’ve got to track!” Having and using an accurate tracking system to identify the source of new patients from the first phone call is the only way to calculate your marketing’s Return-on-Investment (ROI) and… Read More

Live From the OR: Do Patients REALLY Want to Watch Open Heart Surgery?

cosmetic surgery

For some time now, we have championed the benefits of video content as a powerful, and often underutilized, tool in healthcare marketing. No pun intended, but here are two cutting-edge video examples of surgery—direct and graphic from the OR. Viewer Discretion Advised. These video examples of actual surgery include graphic content. Online video broadcasts (and… Read More

3 Shortcuts to Sabotage: “Ignoring Customer Service in Healthcare”

customer service rating

We wish we had written that compelling headline because it drew us into an insightful post (that we also wish we had written). Author and business coach Micah Solomon is hitting us with a triple (facetious) dose of ways healthcare providers—particularly hospitals—can avoid service excellence. There must be thousands of ways to fail at customer… Read More

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