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Failure is Absolutely Certain If You Never Take This One Vital Step

We meet many successful doctors in our travels. You probably recognize the leaders among professional colleagues who have significantly grown their business. These are the principals of an expanding group, a multi-doctor/multi-location or multi-specialty practice, or leaders at a hospital. The important distinction—unlike many other providers—is that they are constantly moving forward. They are growing clinically, professionally and financially. And you might wonder how or why these “distinct achievers” differ from the semi-static crowd of “everyone else.” The primary reason is simple, but it may not be obvious. It’s frightening to discover that some people have simply given up on ... Read more

Why SEO Means More Business: Critical Value of First Page Search Results

Google (Twitter graphic) As the Internet-age-old saying goes: The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google Search Results. This rule of thumb came to mind recently when someone questioned the purpose and value of Search Engine Optimization. Admittedly, SEO is challenging to understand, and even more difficult to do consistently…but as a starting point, here’s an easy definition that we like: Search Engine Optimization applies various online techniques to increase the number of website visitors through a leading position among the organic or natural search results page of a search engine (SERP), including Google, Bing, Yahoo and ... Read more

How Creative Animation Drives Better Consumer Response

As a kid, it’s likely you spent many Saturday mornings stuffing yourself on popular children’s cereal while watching the cartoons and the animated ads that touted them. As adults, consumers are still responsive to animation. And healthcare animation is a popular and beneficial tool in hospital and medical group communications plans. A consumer’s earliest decision-making is often moved by animated information. Animation-rich sites are a proven and relatively easy means to inform, educate and sell specific healthcare services. Animation simplifies technical or complicated ideas into easily understood consumer slices. What’s more, animated storytelling engages, encourages and entertains. Words tell, but pictures sell… ... Read more

A Shocking Truth: Most Patients Don’t Know Squat About Doctor Quality

It is a remarkable and often painful mistake for doctors to assume that prospective patients know how to judge clinical quality in healthcare. Specifically, many doctors mistakenly believe that any prospective patient clearly recognizes that the competitive hospital or medical office down the street is lacking in quality of care. Thus, they believe, the other business would be a poor choice. It’s not hubris or excessive self-pride—but patients just don’t think that way. Doctors and patients use totally different value systems for judging quality. Here’s how this extremely common issue often leads to problems. The marketing competitor advertises aggressively. The ... Read more

10 Ways to Fail Miserably on the Phone and What to Do Instead

If you picture the marketing and advertising process as a circle, success is when you close the loop. Getting the phone to ring is a good start and an important part of the loop. But an inquiry call—to a hospital, service line office or provider—doesn’t complete the loop. The ringing that you hear signals an important opportunity. What happens next—properly answering the phone and closing the loop—is where the payoff should begin. But here’s the kicker: The office often fails miserably when the phone rings. You would be alarmed at how often (and how easily) offices fail at this critical ... Read more

Defeat Digital Neglect: How to Create & Maintain Physician Social Listings

[Community Manager Series Installment] The single most destructive force in reputation management and social media is neglect. Maybe it’s a misguided idea that says web stuff is a simple set-and-forget proposition. Perhaps every medical office is a super-kinetic challenge of being super-busy. Whatever reason—real or imagined…intentional or accidental—a critical community manager responsibility is to proactively create and maintains the online professional presence and social media content. Typically, they monitor and respond to both good and bad online reviews and comments. RELATED: Making Social Media Easy (and Beneficial) for Doctor Marketing There are dozens of online physician directory listing and review ... Read more

58-plus Awesome Ideas to Inspire Your Local Community Marketing

There are dozens of compelling reasons to include community marketing ideas, activities and outreach events in your plan. For any hospital or provider practice, working with the local public—down home at the grassroots level—is engaging, rewarding…and usually, a lot of fun. Community marketing engages and attracts prospective customers on a local level through their cities or even neighborhoods. And participation and interactivity increases awareness and provides a personal familiarity. Taking the high-altitude view of these engaging activities is fuel for the healing arts. Consider, for example, the benefits of sponsoring career interest seminars for students. This would be an early ... Read more

5 Ways to Clobber the Competition with Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare reform has been a topic of public discussion for many years. It’s a debate continues today. It seems that hospitals and providers constantly struggle to find ways to beat the competition. While various initiatives continue to search for an effective blueprint for change, competition is fierce. The health industry and the competitive landscape for providers are “undergoing a seismic change.” The expected benefit of lower costs is not particularly apparent. But consolidations, mergers and other factors have produced more informed and demanding consumers. Competition among health systems, hospitals, medical groups and provider practices is normal but intense. Being relatively ... Read more

Why Coca-Cola’s Website Works Better Than Yours

If you haven’t visited the Coca-Cola website, take a quick look sometime. Your hospital or medical practice does not have to be a global business icon for you to recognize why Coke’s website produces measurable results…and your website does not. Stick with me on this. There’s an insightful backstory to the comparison challenge, so I’ll share that tale first. Recently, we were talking with the principal of a medical practice that was in desperate need of a new website. In their digital strategy, Pay-per-Click traffic was connecting with the website, but prospects were not converting to serious leads—instead, most traffic ... Read more

The Benefits of Creating an eNewsletter Like Ours

There’s a good chance that you navigated your way to this article with the help of our newsletter, Healthcare Success INSIGHT. For nearly a decade, our free marketing newsletter and blog have helped subscribers learn how to boost their marketing effectiveness. We thought this was a good opportunity to share some of how this works, and how to create a doctor newsletter to benefit your practice. For nearly all group practices and doctors’ offices, the printed-and-mailed newsletter is a thing of the past. Some health systems, hospitals and wide-base practices still find added value in the ink-and-paper format. But for ... Read more