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7 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Your Marketing

John Wanamaker Every savvy marketing executive knows the John Wanamaker (1838-1922) quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Somewhere in his distinguished career, John must have found the answer. More than 150 years later, it turns out he was exceptionally successful in retail merchandising, and to this day, considered a genuine “pioneer in marketing.” The lesson for those of us in hospital and healthcare marketing is that it’s vitally important to avoid wasting any part of your budget. Here are some of the most important ways to stop wasting ... Read more

4 Ways to Tell if Your Physician Liaison is Right—or Wrong—for the Job

We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes with this post. But marketing savvy doctors and skilled physician liaison people will agree about these common and costly mistakes. Nothing personal here—but we discover this business blunder all too often. There’s about a million dollars in revenue on the line with a practice representative or physician liaison. You want to know that you’ve got the right (or wrong) person doing the job. This person is the guardian and manager of the professional referral system where patients are the lifeblood revenue stream to hospitals, specialty practices and multi-discipline groups. And it’s worth ... Read more

4 Best Gift-Giving Tips (That You Probably Haven’t Heard) For Your Referring Doctors

I didn’t mean for this to sneak up—but surprise—it’s that time of year! Right now—meaning today—is the best time to take care of the holiday gift-giving and doctor-recognition-marketing routine. There’s got to be a shorter name, but traditionally, it’s when everyone wants to thank the various referral sources among doctors. The most common referral channels are between and/or among generalists and specialists. You know the drill. This is where doctors or practices refer patients to another practice or practitioner for expert care. (And often, the specialty practice is reliant on inbound referrals for new business.) But although recognizing referral sources ... Read more

Has Facebook Become a Marketing Waste of Your Time?

Earlier this year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was justifiably proud in announcing that the popular social media platform “is now officially 2 billion people. We’re making progress connecting the world…” He’s talking monthly active users, and by far, the most popular social networking site with YouTube registering second: The large, worldwide user count is impressive. But savvy marketing professionals recognize that FB organic reach—particularly for brands and publishers—is slipping. As defined by Facebook: “Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution. But recent studies find that FB reach declined 20 percent so far ... Read more

How to Optimize Your Hospital Marketing Budget

This is the time of year when a well-considered hospital marketing budget is in the final-finish stages. It’s nearly ready for rollout with the launch of a new calendar year. But getting it done isn’t the same as getting it right. Here are four thought-leader concepts to help optimize your budget—and your marketing results—as never before. Clients will ask us for a third-party planning and budget critique. But all too often we discover that next year’s “new” budget is mostly a rollover. They are legacy numbers with fresh lipstick. There are good reasons to carry forward ideas that have worked ... Read more

Caution: The Google Chrome Warning is Eating Your Audience

Even casual Internet users are understandably fearful of online risks. This is a digital age of malware threats, identity theft and ransomware attacks. So there’s a good chance that any of us might instantly back away from a website with a Google Chrome “Not Secure” Warning. Google’s alert is cause for concern for some hospitals or providers. It may be eroding your hard-earned site visitors—effective now. Here’s a quick (and non-technical) update and what to do about it. Well-intended security warning for Chrome users… Google operates in big numbers. It’s no surprise that the largest online search engine operates the ... Read more

8 More Creative Director Secrets For a Fantastic Photo Shoot

Recently I returned from a client photo shoot and drafted this list of helpful creative director secrets to help you produce professional and effective results. It’s about details because the camera sees it all. Every photo shoot—from a big screen major motion picture, to images for your hospital or office—deserves careful attention. It’s fun to watch one of those major motion picture extras that reveal “the making of…[this movie].” There may be one or two people in the scene. But just behind the camera there’s an army of professionals who look after every tiny detail. Really. Every detail. After all, ... Read more

The Critical Moment When Hospital Reputation Management Matters Most

Many marketing executives and communications professionals recognize this headline is a bit of trick. The answer, of course, is that hospital reputation management (HRM) matters constantly. Reputation is the core component of nearly everything. This post provides a few of the most meaningful moments when hospital reputation management matters the most. Plus we include five important tips and techniques for maintaining a first class reputation. “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation” according to Richard Branson. But the trouble is—and here’s the tricky part—it is not an episodic, campaign-reliant or a crisis-inspired kind of thing. In our ... Read more

Making Sense and Success of Hospital Service Line Marketing

A service line—and hospital service line marketing—are hard workers. These doorways into the facility serve several distinct purposes. Among these, in the big picture of things, is the task of communicating the organization’s branding message. In addition, there is the need to spotlight specific services and capabilities to the general public. It’s always a challenge to communicate purpose and value before the public appreciates their possible future need. Consider the interesting item that we spotted the other day in an Austin (TX) American-Statesman publication. The reader asked the question: “Why do Central Texas hospitals advertise on TV?” This particular query ... Read more

Failure is Absolutely Certain If You Never Take This One Vital Step

We meet many successful doctors in our travels. You probably recognize the leaders among professional colleagues who have significantly grown their business. These are the principals of an expanding group, a multi-doctor/multi-location or multi-specialty practice, or leaders at a hospital. The important distinction—unlike many other providers—is that they are constantly moving forward. They are growing clinically, professionally and financially. And you might wonder how or why these “distinct achievers” differ from the semi-static crowd of “everyone else.” The primary reason is simple, but it may not be obvious. It’s frightening to discover that some people have simply given up on ... Read more