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Be Aware of Zombie Websites and Fraudulent Digital Ripoff

It’s tough attracting new patients. And just when you thought you only had to worry about ransomware, phishing scams, phony charities and the desperate email from a Nigerian prince…along comes a big-time advertiser swindle. “Zombie websites” amount to a rapid-fire digital fraud that has picked the pockets of some of the nation’s biggest brands. Hershey’s, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, and MGM are among the familiar names. A recent investigative report by BuzzFeed News—Attack of the Zombie Websites—provides the intricate background and the reason for concern. Although there’s no immediate risk for advertisers (outside of the brand giants), things move quickly ... Read more

Why SEO Means More Business: Critical Value of First Page Search Results

Google (Twitter graphic) As the Internet-age-old saying goes: The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google Search Results. This rule of thumb came to mind recently when someone questioned the purpose and value of Search Engine Optimization. Admittedly, SEO is challenging to understand, and even more difficult to do consistently…but as a starting point, here’s an easy definition that we like: Search Engine Optimization applies various online techniques to increase the number of website visitors through a leading position among the organic or natural search results page of a search engine (SERP), including Google, Bing, Yahoo and ... Read more

Better Ways to Create Search-Friendly Press Releases

Communications professionals know the name Ivy Lee, considered the father of modern public relations. Few people appreciate that he also invented—and wrote—the first press release. That was a hundred years ago (1906). It traveled by regular mail and the common name “press release” probably came later. Many things about this time-honored publicity channel are still the same. Other stuff has changed, including what we call it. “A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release,” according to Wikipedia, “is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.” Essential tips for a search-friendly press ... Read more

Why Coca-Cola’s Website Works Better Than Yours

If you haven’t visited the Coca-Cola website, take a quick look sometime. Your hospital or medical practice does not have to be a global business icon for you to recognize why Coke’s website produces measurable results…and your website does not. Stick with me on this. There’s an insightful backstory to the comparison challenge, so I’ll share that tale first. Recently, we were talking with the principal of a medical practice that was in desperate need of a new website. In their digital strategy, Pay-per-Click traffic was connecting with the website, but prospects were not converting to serious leads—instead, most traffic ... Read more

The Benefits of Creating an eNewsletter Like Ours

There’s a good chance that you navigated your way to this article with the help of our newsletter, Healthcare Success INSIGHT. For nearly a decade, our free marketing newsletter and blog have helped subscribers learn how to boost their marketing effectiveness. We thought this was a good opportunity to share some of how this works, and how to create a doctor newsletter to benefit your practice. For nearly all group practices and doctors’ offices, the printed-and-mailed newsletter is a thing of the past. Some health systems, hospitals and wide-base practices still find added value in the ink-and-paper format. But for ... Read more

5 Free (or Low Cost) Tactics that Leverage Patient Satisfaction

File this under “If You’re Happy and You Know It” power tactics. This is a handful of highly effective little ideas anyone can put to work on short notice—at little or no cost—for greater mileage. #1: Publish, publish and republish. Consumer comments on review sites, as well as the direct testimonials of patients, are highly influential. Sometimes known as consensus, or social proof, people are guided by what others have to think and say. For the greatest impact, find as many ways as possible to give the good word added exposure. Mindful of HIPAA guidelines, you might: Create a web ... Read more

Gutenberg Moment in Marketing: Your Quick Guide to iPhone Health

Who needs Dr. Leonard McCoy’s classic (but fictional) Medical Tricorder when iPhone health is already in your pocket? (Some of it anyway.) There are various configurations of the Tricorder on the Star Trek TV show. By today’s standards, the devices were bulky, but they enabled: Instant diagnosis ailments/disease Track general metrics/vital signs Monitor ongoing health Summarize state of health On the other hand, today’s ubiquitous smartphone—including the iPhone—has a more familiar, convenient and compact form. And imaginative TV science is becoming an iPhone health reality at warp speed. And compact, digital medical science is changing both healthcare delivery and medical ... Read more

Managing the Social Media Slice of Your Marketing Plan

[Community Manager Series Installment] The successful implementation of social media is the responsibility — and the credit — of your community manager. Every healthcare marketing situation requires a custom plan that artfully blends each of many strategies and tactics. There is no one-size-fits-all list of how-to steps. Successfully achieving the goals and objectives in marketing in general, or social media in particular, is part of the creative challenge. That said, every community manager for social media has some solid fundamentals that apply to growing the business. If this is a clean, fresh start, or if this is a performance tune-up, ... Read more

Mayo Medical Labs: Designing Digital Communications for a Changing Healthcare Market [Podcast]

Brent Westra [SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] In this segment of our 2017 continuing series, Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success talks with Brent Westra, Marketing Segment Manager, and Andrew Tofilon, Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. The topic of this podcast is Brent and Andrew’s presentation at the SHSMD marketing conference on their topic titled: Designing Dynamic Digital Communications for a Changing Healthcare Market. As healthcare continues its dramatic transformation, the new currency is insightful information. New care models, disruptive technologies, personalized medicine and alternative payment models are all challenging the conventional thinking of patients and practitioners. The industry ... Read more

How to Be Your Own Community Manager for Social Media

[Community Manager Series Installment] Job titles and position descriptions will vary—social media manager, community manager, social media master or the like. But for social media (SM) to be effective, the first consideration is that someone is specifically responsible on a full-time or part-time basis. In healthcare marketing, social media shouldn’t be an afterthought or a set-it-and-forget-it autopilot tool. Social media as a whole — including community management — needs to have a purposeful, and well-planned strategy. A social media manager, community manager or other social media assignment holds many responsibilities. Depending on the organization, one or more people will be responsible ... Read more