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Be Aware of Zombie Websites and Fraudulent Digital Ripoff

It’s tough attracting new patients. And just when you thought you only had to worry about ransomware, phishing scams, phony charities and the desperate email from a Nigerian prince…along comes a big-time advertiser swindle. “Zombie websites” amount to a rapid-fire digital fraud that has picked the pockets of some of the nation’s biggest brands. Hershey’s, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, and MGM are among the familiar names. A recent investigative report by BuzzFeed News—Attack of the Zombie Websites—provides the intricate background and the reason for concern. Although there’s no immediate risk for advertisers (outside of the brand giants), things move quickly ... Read more

8 More Creative Director Secrets For a Fantastic Photo Shoot

Recently I returned from a client photo shoot and drafted this list of helpful creative director secrets to help you produce professional and effective results. It’s about details because the camera sees it all. Every photo shoot—from a big screen major motion picture, to images for your hospital or office—deserves careful attention. It’s fun to watch one of those major motion picture extras that reveal “the making of…[this movie].” There may be one or two people in the scene. But just behind the camera there’s an army of professionals who look after every tiny detail. Really. Every detail. After all, ... Read more

5 Free (or Low Cost) Tactics that Leverage Patient Satisfaction

File this under “If You’re Happy and You Know It” power tactics. This is a handful of highly effective little ideas anyone can put to work on short notice—at little or no cost—for greater mileage. #1: Publish, publish and republish. Consumer comments on review sites, as well as the direct testimonials of patients, are highly influential. Sometimes known as consensus, or social proof, people are guided by what others have to think and say. For the greatest impact, find as many ways as possible to give the good word added exposure. Mindful of HIPAA guidelines, you might: Create a web ... Read more

Managing the Social Media Slice of Your Marketing Plan

[Community Manager Series Installment] The successful implementation of social media is the responsibility — and the credit — of your community manager. Every healthcare marketing situation requires a custom plan that artfully blends each of many strategies and tactics. There is no one-size-fits-all list of how-to steps. Successfully achieving the goals and objectives in marketing in general, or social media in particular, is part of the creative challenge. That said, every community manager for social media has some solid fundamentals that apply to growing the business. If this is a clean, fresh start, or if this is a performance tune-up, ... Read more

Your Million-Dollar Video Conferencing Recipe That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

The way we do video conference calls in our office at Healthcare Success is several measures of professional quality ahead of most everyone else. We’re proud of our video conferencing setup. It conveys a million-dollar setup, but the cost is low and the benefits are high. We’re often asked how we do it…and we’re pleased to share more of the how-to details with our subscriber audience. The core idea is to create an appearance that rivals any network television studio. We use the larger of several meeting rooms that can accommodate a meeting of a dozen or more people. Or ... Read more

JeffConnect: Building a Value-Based Care Business Model Through Telehealth

[SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success talks with Judd E. Hollander, MD, Associate Dean for Strategic Health Initiatives, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Jefferson Health. The topic of this podcast is Dr. Hollander’s presentation at the 2017 SHSMD marketing conference on the topic titled: Building a Value-Based Care Business Model Through Telehealth. The continuing shift to value-based healthcare has created a quandary for health systems regarding how to create future payment models. A key component of the Jefferson Health strategy is to grow a robust telehealth program—JeffConnect—representing the next step in patient-centered care. JeffConnect delivers high quality, ... Read more

Easy and Effective Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

Back in the digital dark ages—a decade or so ago—simply having a website was enough to be found online. Early on, only a few healthcare practices and hospitals had a website at all. Two or three HTML pages put your online presence miles ahead of most everyone else. But not so today. To be found online—and not lost in the crowd—you need a heck of a lot more than a single blip on the search radar. Today you need to create a collective presence using several tools that work together. Typically, this would include one or more websites, one or ... Read more

How to Kill Unoccupied Time and Enhance Patient Satisfaction

[Part Two of a two-part article about long waiting times in accessing care and healthcare service delivery the doctor’s office. Read how to identify the problem and what to do about it. The first post is available here: Rethink Reception and Reduce Patient Waiting in Healthcare.] The nearly universal patient frustration (over 90 percent) tracks to the perception of a lengthy wait. The many experts who have studied the issue remind us of the “perception” part—something we have all experienced. And that is the difference between “occupied time” and “unoccupied time.” Dr. Richard Larson, an M.I.T. expert, explains the difference as: ... Read more

Thinking Outside the Doc: Holistic Marketing Checklist

Frequently, we teach the value of micro planning—using precision, personalized online marketing means and methods that zero in on the single-person at a point of need. Increasingly, technology enables this fine level of timely, local and immediate messages. But you also need to consider the macro view—the holistic perspective that doesn’t lose sight of the micro touches. Effective healthcare marketing is also a wide-angle endeavor for hospitals and medical groups. There are many buyer and influence personas to track. While the solo consumer profile is vital, “outside the doc” target audience thinking considers many others. In other words, both the patient (ideal ... Read more

Reputation Management Update: What It Means for Business

Unless you diligently track this topic closely, what you thought you knew about doctor and hospital reputation management has probably changed. In fact, this is one tech-savvy, computer-centric landscape that is constantly evolving. If you might have skipped a beat—and that’s easy to do—here’s a brief update about change, the importance of online reputation and what it means for business development. The weighted value of a physician’s professional standing go far beyond a matter of personal pride. The same is true for hospitals, group practices and other providers. It is the collective online story that, in the mind of the ... Read more