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7 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Your Marketing

John Wanamaker Every savvy marketing executive knows the John Wanamaker (1838-1922) quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Somewhere in his distinguished career, John must have found the answer. More than 150 years later, it turns out he was exceptionally successful in retail merchandising, and to this day, considered a genuine “pioneer in marketing.” The lesson for those of us in hospital and healthcare marketing is that it’s vitally important to avoid wasting any part of your budget. Here are some of the most important ways to stop wasting ... Read more

4 Ways to Tell if Your Physician Liaison is Right—or Wrong—for the Job

We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes with this post. But marketing savvy doctors and skilled physician liaison people will agree about these common and costly mistakes. Nothing personal here—but we discover this business blunder all too often. There’s about a million dollars in revenue on the line with a practice representative or physician liaison. You want to know that you’ve got the right (or wrong) person doing the job. This person is the guardian and manager of the professional referral system where patients are the lifeblood revenue stream to hospitals, specialty practices and multi-discipline groups. And it’s worth ... Read more

4 Best Gift-Giving Tips (That You Probably Haven’t Heard) For Your Referring Doctors

I didn’t mean for this to sneak up—but surprise—it’s that time of year! Right now—meaning today—is the best time to take care of the holiday gift-giving and doctor-recognition-marketing routine. There’s got to be a shorter name, but traditionally, it’s when everyone wants to thank the various referral sources among doctors. The most common referral channels are between and/or among generalists and specialists. You know the drill. This is where doctors or practices refer patients to another practice or practitioner for expert care. (And often, the specialty practice is reliant on inbound referrals for new business.) But although recognizing referral sources ... Read more

58-plus Awesome Ideas to Inspire Your Local Community Marketing

There are dozens of compelling reasons to include community marketing ideas, activities and outreach events in your plan. For any hospital or provider practice, working with the local public—down home at the grassroots level—is engaging, rewarding…and usually, a lot of fun. Community marketing engages and attracts prospective customers on a local level through their cities or even neighborhoods. And participation and interactivity increases awareness and provides a personal familiarity. Taking the high-altitude view of these engaging activities is fuel for the healing arts. Consider, for example, the benefits of sponsoring career interest seminars for students. This would be an early ... Read more

5 Ways to Clobber the Competition with Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare reform has been a topic of public discussion for many years. It’s a debate continues today. It seems that hospitals and providers constantly struggle to find ways to beat the competition. While various initiatives continue to search for an effective blueprint for change, competition is fierce. The health industry and the competitive landscape for providers are “undergoing a seismic change.” The expected benefit of lower costs is not particularly apparent. But consolidations, mergers and other factors have produced more informed and demanding consumers. Competition among health systems, hospitals, medical groups and provider practices is normal but intense. Being relatively ... Read more

The Benefits of Creating an eNewsletter Like Ours

There’s a good chance that you navigated your way to this article with the help of our newsletter, Healthcare Success INSIGHT. For nearly a decade, our free marketing newsletter and blog have helped subscribers learn how to boost their marketing effectiveness. We thought this was a good opportunity to share some of how this works, and how to create a doctor newsletter to benefit your practice. For nearly all group practices and doctors’ offices, the printed-and-mailed newsletter is a thing of the past. Some health systems, hospitals and wide-base practices still find added value in the ink-and-paper format. But for ... Read more

How Are You Moving the Needle in Your Organization?

Here’s an insightful management and business reminder called “moving the needle.” It’s a useful metaphor for inspiring employees and achieving personal goals and recognition. It’s also about achieving greater success for the company. Recently, a business colleague told a story about an employee who was feeling under appreciated in the work they were doing for the company. Although they were new on the job, this person believed they were smart (they are), that they worked hard (also true), and that they were busy and productive (busy, yes – productive, maybe.) After some discussion, it turns out that the proper question—for ... Read more

A Tale of Two Cafes: Take-Away Service Lessons for Hospitals

Each week I look forward to Chris Brogan’s business advice email. You probably know his name; Chris is a respected author, consultant and speaker…and he knows marketing. His notes are insightful, conversational and they deliver solid, practical guidance. Without mentioning hospitals, medical practices or doctors, his recent note about a Tale of Two Local Cafes hits home with a powerful lesson for healthcare. The contrast of two local businesses is an analogy-of-sorts for contemporary patient satisfaction in healthcare delivery. With Chris’ permission, here are some (slightly condensed) slices. He writes: “The day before yesterday, Jacq and I walked into a ... Read more

Best Practice Ideas: Everybody Isn’t a Marketing Expert After All

Why is it that when it comes to marketing, everyone seems to have an opinion? Colleagues, friends, staff, the plant lady, the guy cleaning up…everyone gets a vote. Worse, the people writing the checks often listen to whoever the last person was who offered them advice.  A brief backstory about best practice marketing… For example, an intelligent individual came to me recently with an idea he heard about marketing. This person had attended our marketing seminar and understood the business fundamentals. But this idea was strange and unsupported at best. I had to ask, “Where did you come up with that ... Read more

How Much is Your Embarrassing Website Costing You?

When everyone is working diligently to attract new patients and new business, it’s extremely frustrating to uncover a “crappy old website” that’s turning people away. (And wasting money, too.) Sophisticated Internet marketing tools reveal a big “hole in the bucket;” the lost opportunity is real and downright painful. That’s exactly what happened recently when we were evaluating a five-year-old medical website. The website was out of date, and we strongly recommended rebuilding with a new design and contemporary mechanics. Here’s the why-and-how back-story: Like being greeted with 40-year-old office décor, the overall “look and feel” of this site instantly communicates ... Read more