Does TV Advertising Belong in a Healthcare Media Mix?

With all the noise and ballyhoo that surrounds digital media these days, traditional media might seem like an incidental afterthought for healthcare advertisers. , and other social media tools are often the top-of-mind glamour options in a marketing mix, and broadcast/cable TV seem like media oldsters. Be careful. While Internet and on advertising is […]

Humor in Hospital Advertising: Risky, Rewarding or Both?

[Hospital Advertising Success Story: Part Two] Texas Health Resources has been successfully using humor in their hospital advertising. The first part of this article [available here] loed at why humor in advertising is both difficult and dangerous. In this concluding part, we find that it can also be rewarding…but only when it’s done right. Many […]

Can We Use Humor to Advertise Our Hospital? Don’t Make Me Laugh.

[Hospital Advertising Success Story: Part One] Using humor in advertising—especially healthcare ads—is both difficult and dangerous. It’s difficult to find the precise balance between being funny (which makes it memorable), and communicating a product or service message (which makes it effective). What’s , many health issues are no laughing matter. Potentially, it can backfire.

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