The ABCs of Digital Marketing

In today’s increasingly tech-savvy world, it’s easy to get lost in the complex jargon of the on arena. Don’t give up — we’re here to break it down for you. Whether you’re loing to brush up on your marketing knowledge or starting from scratch, the ABCs of Marketing will help you understand some of the […]

Why Patient Testimonials Are Marketing “Superfood”

Customer testimonials offer great benefits to your marketing and business health for very little cost and effort. In the dictionary, marketing is defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. That’s as simple as it gets; too simple, really. Marketing is communication for a particular goal or set of goals, […]

Preserve, Protect and Defend: Healthcare Reputation Management Tactics

Doctors aren’t the only people concerned about their on reputation. It is every brand, business and service provider with a Internet presence. But there are higher standards of quality with healthcare reputation management. Health care ivery in America is intimate than an  shopping experience. Consequently, patient experience has become a significant driver of success. Among the dozens of influential […]

Reputation Management and the Significance of Your Net Promoter Score

Does anyone remember the old catchphrase: “Who s Ya?” From TV to pop music to healthcare ivery, the challenge of effective reputation management is to quantify the patient experience. We’re all familiar with fundamental survey questions. It is the most common technique to assign a number value to a human experience. Surveys vary, but there are five […]

Care and Feeding of Doctor Online Presence, Reputation and Brand

[A continuing series.] If you ask 10 doctors about their professional reputation, most will say something about “what other doctors think about me.” True enough. Colleague attitudes—doctors who know you and others who recognize your name—are an important consideration. But there’s to it. From a business development perspective—your ability to attract new patients […]

LinkedIn: Reputation Management for Hospital Executives

A core consideration in social media is that people interact and do business with people that they feel they know, like and trust. And for hospital executives, medical practitioners and marketing professionals there’s no better on forum than to connect with peers, organizations and ideas as a means to showcase your reputation. is the […]

How Your Online Doctor Reputation Can Make or Break Patient Choices

Healthcare’s new breed of informed consumer—today’s prospective patient—is making important decisions about choosing a provider long before your office phone rings for an appointment. Physicians and marketing professionals understand that the early competitive battleground for attracting new patients has gone digital, where on reputation is important to consumers than your 12-page Curriculum Vitae. Internet […]

Getting it Right: More Physician Reputation Management Rules [Part 2]

[Conclusion of an article in two parts.] Our previous post, 10 Commandments of On Reputation Management for Physicians, (Part one of two) emphasized the importance and value of creating and maintaining your on presence. Moreover, reputation is an ever-present ingredient in health care marketing. And who you are on is who you are to most […]

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