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Prosthodontist Marketing

You do beautiful work and you change lives, yet the general public does not know that your specialty exists. Worse, most medical doctors do not understand what a prosthodontist is or does.

What about marketing companies? Well, most marketing firms can’t even spell prosthodontist, much less know how to market you successfully.

We know. For the past several years we’ve worked with the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) to improve awareness for your specialty. We’ve also worked directly with dozens of individual prosthodontic practices – that’s more than any other marketing or advertising firm in the country.

We also understand that while prosthodontists are some of the most conservative dentists around, if you don’t start leading your specialty, you risk going extinct.

That’s where we can help.

We know what strategies work best to help you attract the high-end cases that truly appreciate the quality of care that you can provide. We also know how to help you work with general dentists to win referrals for the tough cases they can’t take on themselves.

Our services are not all about growing the bottom line. That, of course, is the end result, but what we focus on—and what makes our clients so successful—is our adherence to and emphasis on ethical marketing strategies.

We specialize in proven and effective tactics, and we can help you:

  • Win referrals from general dentists through strategic initiatives
  • Increasing your name recognition in the community, above the competition
  • Maximize your current referral sources through ongoing contact strategies
  • Create advertising to directly attract prospective patients for high-end and restorative cases
  • Build your brand awareness that stands out in the crowd with a unique niche and sound public relations and communication plan
  • Maximize your website effectiveness to in capture new clients and referrals

Our years of experience in marketing specialty practices allow us to recommend the best and most effective solutions. From all-inclusive marketing campaigns to as-needed public relations efforts, you can feel confident that with our expertise, you will:

  • Maintain a high standard of ethics
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Grow your practice profits and
  • Counteract aggressive competition

Ready for marketing with measurable results?
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Also, be sure to check out special discounts and offerings exclusively for ACP members.


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