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Hospital Heealthcare Marketing Seminar

Hospitals:  Win more doctor referrals, multiply new patients and grow profits… all while building your reputation.

Join us in Las Vegas to discover what works to ethically and profitably attract the cases you want.

purhcase nowOver the past 20 years, we have educated and grown thousands of practices and now hospitals utilizing the best methods to ethically and profitably attract new patients. Because the hospitals we meet today are highly focused on achieving tangible marketing outcomes (like positive return-on-investment and increased new patient counts), we recently decided to host a “special edition” of our popular national seminar series, “Advanced Marketing Strategies,” in Las Vegas on April 4-5.

Attract your favorite cases utilizing healthcare marketing best practices.

While all of our regularly scheduled marketing seminars are terrific, this one is a “must-attend” if you want to grow your hospital.

The agenda covers hundreds of hospital building topics (details on the inside spread).

Here is the big picture:

• Grow and protect doctor referrals – the lifeblood of your hospital.
• Win patients from the Internet
• Position yourself as a leader in your local media.
• Attract patients profitably from advertising.
• Generate patient referrals with internal marketing strategies.
• Build a powerful, reputation-enhancing brand.

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bio-headsYour meeting will be led by one or more of these presenters: Stewart Gandolf, MBA, CEO and Founding Partner, Lonnie Hirsch, Founding Partner,  Kathy Gaughran, Senior Marketing Strategist. and Bill Seals, Senior Marketing Strategist.

Each of these dynamic speakers have personally marketed thousands of healthcare businesses. All have written articles for many respected healthcare publications and have spoken at hundreds of venues in the US and internationally.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return your materials at the end of the meeting, and we will refund 100% of your tuition.