Custom Medical Brochures

Medical Brochures Custom Designed for Your Hospital or Practice

We’ll create a winning business brochure for your healthcare practice that you’ll be proud of and that promotes your brand— affordably.

First, we’ll put together a team of seasoned professionals to create your brochure—including a strategist, a writer, a designer and an account manager. Your team will interview you on the phone or at your office (your choice). Then, they’ll work with you to craft a compelling message that tastefully and effectively answers the question, “Why you?” Your new “positioning” will be the guiding theme of your brochure, and possibly all of your subsequent marketing efforts.

Then, over several weeks, we’ll create and refine the brochure design and content to make sure it is absolutely perfect for you… and for your objectives. It will not only be something you are proud of, but it will also be based upon scientific marketing principles that work.

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We’ll Create a Custom Brochure That Builds Your Business and Brand

Don’t make the mistake of settling for a generic “fill-in-your-name-here” brochure.

Instead, get a custom-designed medical brochure that promotes your hospital, healthcare business or practice. A strategically conceived, professional-looking brochure for your business will help you attract new patients, impress referring doctors, build your reputation and brand, sell additional services and generate patient referrals.


Dermatology Brochure (Inside)


Medical Group Brochure (Inside)


Pediatric Brochure (Inside)


Medical Center Brochure (Inside)


Surgical Brochure (Inside)


Dentistry Brochure (Inside)


Surgical Brochure (Inside)


Physical Therapy Brochure (Inside)


Vein Care (Inside)


Orthopedic Brochure (Inside)


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