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Our nation’s healthcare delivery system continues to reinvent itself. A flood of newly insured individuals emerges at a time when there are fewer doctor-owned practices. In fact, there is a shortage of physicians.

There are many unique business and marketing challenges that family practitioners and general practitioners face today. In spite of workload increases and longer hours, incomes have declined for GPs, especially relative to that of specialists.

Individual providers are looking for ways to introduce “gateways”—pathways into the practice—that add to the revenue stream without simply increasing patient volume. Lower reimbursements and compensation and rising operating costs, along with complex patient care, make for a challenging environment.

We understand that success depends on a marketing and advertising strategy that defines the provider as the primary care physician within a healthcare system continuing to move toward specialty and sub-specialty practices.

Many family doctors, primary care physicians and general practitioners who come to us for guidance know that a customized, targeted plan will allow them to strongly position their FP, GP, PCP services amongst the range of healthcare providers. These include medical and surgical specialists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, family therapists and others.

Let us help you attract more of the patients and referrals you want and higher-paying reimbursable, cash, elective and ancillary cases… without compromising ethics or integrity.

For family and general practice marketing strategies that differentiate you from the competition, call (800) 656-0907. Let’s talk today.

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