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Neurology Marketing

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There’s no doubt that the marketing challenges are considerable. Neurologists who we work with are seeing increasingly diverse and complex referral cases, from patients of all ages seeking pain management or migraine treatment to those suffering from ADHD, sleep disorders and motor skill conditions.

In promoting a neurological practice, the target audiences, the advertising messages and the range of medical capabilities are diverse.

Over the past 20 years, neurologists have continued to compete with professional colleagues as well as anesthesiologists, physiatrists, pulmonologists and others. What’s more, challenges include the ongoing dissatisfaction with the level and timeliness of reimbursements and rising medical costs.

Across the board, our clients agree that their business success greatly depends upon gaining new doctor referrals, keeping current practitioner referrals and even finding ways to recapture previous sources.

Goals and objectives also include attracting a well-considered mix of the patients and cases that you want most, clearly differentiating the practice in the mind of the public and professional colleagues, and effectively standing head-and-shoulders above the competition.

And while many neurologists have created a website, the Internet and digital media are an integral part of a more comprehensive overall marketing, advertising and public relations plan that drives visitors to their site. Your online presence engages potential patients and referrals. And brand identity sets you apart from others and reinforces and extends your professional reputation.

Only a targeted, long-term strategy created for your specific communications needs promotes your unique reputation, ethics and the qualities that distinguish your neurological practice from others.

From winning more referrals to reaching more of the patients you want, we’re here with custom-designed neurology marketing and advertising strategies that work for you.

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