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Now that large groups and integrated practices have begun to dominate many local areas, orthopaedic surgery practices require a long-term marketing strategy to remain competitive.

Professional referral strategies continue to be the cornerstone for success plans, but savvy practitioners also market to patients within their communities. Branding, press and PR strategies, and advertising are common and effective.

For over 20 years, we’ve been here to help surgeons ethically promote the services that make their practices unique. For example, providers that focus on hand and wrist surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, spinal surgery, pediatric orthopedics, musculoskeletal oncology, Worker’s Compensation or surgical sports medicine, as well as leveraging the physical therapy aspect for those practices that provide it.

Skilled practice representatives are increasingly a priority, not an option, and our strategies include ways to recruit, train, oversee and evaluate the performance of a physician liaison or rep to help grow referrals and extend your professional reputation.

The specialties provide, along with the name recognition that you have developed over the years, are part of your brand identity. A well-designed plan promotes those aspects in ways that uniquely differentiate you from the competition.

Growing any orthopaedic surgery practice relies on doctor referrals, a coordinated plan that captures new, current and past referral sources, and communications tactics that revolutionize the way you reach customers, build relationships and ultimately capture new patients.

Let us design a unique marketing plan that includes direct and Internet marketing tools that proactively brings new patients to your orthopaedic surgery practice and website.

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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”
– Jonathan Calure, MD, Maryland Vein Professionals

“Very useful information, adaptable to a variety of situations and circumstances.”
– John Q. Smith, MD,West Idaho Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

"Healthcare Success has worked with my Orthopaedic/ Sports Medicine practice for the past 2 years. Their ideas have helped advance my company greatly. Our marketing materials have been universally praised as very professional and impressive."
- Marc Pietropaoli, MD

“It was amazing how much we didn’t know. Also scary how many mistakes we are currently making.”
– Brent Evetts, MD

“It’s a must for any practice that wants to survive and grow in the future.”
– Shahin Ghadir, MD

“With more than a dozen offices, we have a complicated practice to run. Healthcare Success helped us to improve our customer service and create a team that puts out a cohesive message and works together to build our brand. The direction they provided was very thorough and innovative and even more important, it works. We’re seeing the results in the our offices every day.”
– Kristie L. Martinez , Administrator, Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, LLC

“All speakers were very effective presenters and demonstrated excellent subject knowledge and expertise. Well worth the time and cost – learned a lot.”
– Paul F. Nezi, CEO, Blue Chip Surgical Center Partners

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