New Opportunity for Local Search: Google Boost Brings Healthcare Marketing & Advertising Closer to Home

Everyone wants to be at the top of the results list when a prospective patient (or anyone) does a Google search for “Dentist in Des Moines,” but only seven listings are going to make the “local business listings.” Many hospitals, urgent care centers, dental offices, and other medical healthcare providers have picked-up on geo-specific advertising […]

Survey:Traditional Communications Channels Still Beat Mobile for Healthcare Marketing & Advertising

The intersection of healthcare marketing and technology is a busy corner with lots of activity – shiny new toys, much fanfare, and an occasional dash of confusion. BUT – and this is a big “but” for marketing and advertising professionals – BUT traditional communications channels still dominate the search for health information over mobile health. […]

Public Imperative: Walking Six Miles Each Week Could Be a Neurology Marketing Concept to Fight Dementia with Brain Power

The results of a research study reported in the Journal Neurology suggest that adults who walk six to nine miles each week may benefit from improved memory and brain function in late adulthood. We could see physical activity programs emerge in neurology marketing. The study involved about 300 people in Pittsburgh who tracked their weekly […]

Digital Coupons: What’s Old is New Again for Chiropractic Marketing & Advertising (and others too)

It’s one of the oldest tools in advertising in America. The various forms of a coupon and coupon offers are well-established and often-used tools in chiropractic marketing and other healthcare products and services.  Over time, they’ve moved from print ads and free standing inserts to also include distribution via email and taking a bit of […]

TxtMsg to Hospital Marketing & Advertising Execs: Take Two Apps and Call Me in the Morning

The trend for hospital marketing and advertising professionals is increasingly: “think mobile.” It’s a message that’s reinforced with the introduction next week of an online “app store” by the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA). The first-ever mobile application store by and for healthcare professionals—doctors health care executives, nurses and other medical providers—launches in November […]

The Humble Carrot: Enduring Vegetable Icon of Vision Health and Optometry Marketing

The vision-health benefits of eating carrots have stronger roots in popular folklore than in pure science. (The surprising origin of the carrots-for-better-vision is revealed below.) But the orange-ish root vegetable remains an enduring icon that pops up from time to time in optometry marketing. Here are two creative examples we happened to see recently.

“Fertility Boot Camp” Wellness Retreat – Holistic Ally in Reproductive Endocrinology Marketing

A Chicago medical spa and wellness center that emphasizes integrative health sponsored a one-day retreat earlier this month titled: Fertility Boot Camp: Whip your EGGS into Shape! It’s an idea that may be of interest for reproductive endocrinology marketing. The objective, according to the Tiffani Kim Institute, was for women to learn “how to nurture […]

Bodily Email: Internal Organs that Communicate for Themselves Could Differentiate Your Cardiology Marketing

There’s another survey out that (again) confirms that physicians are reluctant to connect with patients via email. (More on that in a future post.) You know; concerns about workload, reimbursement, privacy, security, liability, etc. But now some human hearts can start the digital dialog on their own. A new type of wireless body area network […]


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