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Branding your practice is important to growing your practice. Articles of examples, tips and how-tos for improving your branding and successfully carrying out a branding campaign.

Where’s Your Brand Connection and Loyalty After the Buyout?

The healthcare delivery industry changes daily. Given the many moving parts, creating and maintaining a brand connection today—for solutions the public may need someday—is a serious challenge. Consider how these variables are at work: On one hand, the quiet-and-compliant patients of the past have morphed into empowered consumers. They are better informed bring expectations of high value, quality experience and near-immediate solutions. And, on the other hand, nearly every hospital, health system and medical practice in the US has experienced some transformation in the marketplace. Community hospitals roll up into regional systems, practitioners form medical groups and practices become institutional service lines. ... Read more

Hospital Branding and Name Changes: How Data Reveals Expectations [Podcast]

[Healthcare Success Leadership Podcast] In this installment of our continuing educational series, Healthcare Success CEO Stewart Gandolf talks with Rob Klein, founder and CEO of healthcare marketing research firm Klein & Partners. A prospective name change, branding or rebranding, will dramatically impact every aspect of a hospital system…image, operation and culture. Here’s how research can provide decision support for a branded house, or a house of brands…and create a sound Architecture Strategy. Stewart and Rob discuss: the primary elements of a brand’s strength the role of a name as a memory trigger the influence of memory telescoping revealing patient expectations, and ... Read more

How Creative Advertising Images Turn Heads and Bend Minds

We’ve been looking for a good springboard opportunity to present the creative advertising images that are included with this post. It’s difficult to characterize all the ways how-and-why reasons that good visuals turn your head, tell a story and/or bend your mind. And frankly, that’s an important secret sauce ingredient. There aren’t many ad messages that succeed without an image. Pictures, graphs and visual elements communicate ideas about a million times faster than words alone. None of these images are healthcare related. But you can use the unusual ideas to inspire your Pay-per-Click advertising, website content, Facebook posts and advertising, ... Read more

Creating Powerful and Engaging Video Testimonials

[Part of a continuing series] Consider how these important marketing touchpoints intersect: Video content now accounts for well over half of the traffic online Well over half of health and healthcare searches begin with an Internet search Positive reviews and testimonials strongly influence purchase decisions So this formula—video-plus-Internet-plus-testimonials—is a powerful combination for effective healthcare marketing. What’s more, digital technology has advanced rapidly, and online video testimonials are: Widely supported (Facebook, YouTube and many other platforms) Easy to create (beyond everyone’s iPhone, digital video hardware abounds), and Inexpensive to produce (acceptably good quality is nearly free) How video testimonials are powerful… As ... Read more

The Indisputable Marketing Power of Being First

There’s an analogy that I offer clients to demonstrate the importance of being first in marketing. I ask: “Charles Lindbergh made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Can you name the second person to do so?” “If John Hancock famously signed the Declaration of Independence first, can you name the second person to sign? Hint: he was a physician.” And for a bonus point: “Sir Edmund Hillary is often credited as first to stand on the summit of Mount Everest. Can you name his Sherpa climbing partner who was with him at the time?” You need to ... Read more

How to Be The Best Damn Ice Cream Shop in Town

There’s an excellent reason why Baskin Robbins offers more than one flavor of ice cream. And why the people they attract don’t shop there for…say, bicycle tires. The Baskin Robbins a brand name that is known for excellent ice cream. In fact, 31 flavors, enough ice cream varieties to satisfy nearly everyone. And that’s it—all kinds of wonderful ice cream for dairy-lovers who love a choice. They think of Baskin Robbins as the best damn ice cream shop in town. And isn’t that—with some variation—the recognition that every successful practitioner is trying to achieve, and reaching a target audience that ... Read more

10 Ted Talks You Need To Hear

You are welcome to share our list of TED Talks for healthcare. Or compile your own and circulate your favorites. We think these presentations—each about 20 minutes in length—are TED Talks you need to hear. They provide insightful observations about healthcare, marketing and/or business. And, as the TED concept predicts, these are talks to stir your curiosity, via “ideas worth spreading.” TED Title:                         What physics taught me about marketing [WATCH NOW] Presenter:                        Dan Cobley, Online marketing whiz TED Snapshot:            “A marketing director at Google, Dan Cobley connects customers ... Read more

The Top 7 Healthcare Marketing Strategies on the Planet

These are the seven fundamental strategies that you should already be doing to ensure marketing success for your healthcare practice or business. Let’s face it, if you’re not already experiencing success with your healthcare business’ or practice’s marketing efforts — and especially if you’re not yet marketing at all — there are many more than seven strategies that you should be considering seriously. In truth, the best strategies are those that are customized for the unique needs of your enterprise. But in our experience, the following marketing activities can make a substantial and significant positive contribution to your efforts to ... Read more

Community Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Engaging Your Neighborhood

Compared to other forms of marketing, community marketing doesn’t get a lot of attention or even respect. In fact, truth be told, I’m a digital marketer at heart, and until a few weeks ago I really didn’t appreciate its power either. My “awakening” came when I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a podcast with my boss, Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success, and his friend Matt Hall, Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Dental Services (PDS). During the podcast interview (see below for full podcast), Matt and Stewart had a lively discussion about how powerful–and fun–community marketing ... Read more

Building An Emotion-Based Marketing Campaign

Anyone who has been in need of medical care knows it can be a deeply personal and emotional experience. For friend, family or individual–from walking in the door to the time of discharge, people want to feel safe, respected and understood. Many hospitals and doctors promote themselves as the compassionate, caring choice that you can trust. So, as a provider, how can you stand apart from the crowd and uniquely connect with your audience? Emotion-based marketing… Tapping into your audiences’ emotions can be a powerful means to differentiate. Emotional ads drive higher conversion rates because they strategically connect with feelings and influence choices. Emotions are ... Read more