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Several Case Studies for companies in the Healthcare Marketing space. Learn from Healthcare Success Strategies on how to improve the Marketing for your practice, clinic or hospital.

How to Optimize Your Hospital Marketing Budget

This is the time of year when a well-considered hospital marketing budget is in the final-finish stages. It’s nearly ready for rollout with the launch of a new calendar year. But getting it done isn’t the same as getting it right. Here are four thought-leader concepts to help optimize your budget—and your marketing results—as never before. Clients will ask us for a third-party planning and budget critique. But all too often we discover that next year’s “new” budget is mostly a rollover. They are legacy numbers with fresh lipstick. There are good reasons to carry forward ideas that have worked ... Read more

8 More Creative Director Secrets For a Fantastic Photo Shoot

Recently I returned from a client photo shoot and drafted this list of helpful creative director secrets to help you produce professional and effective results. It’s about details because the camera sees it all. Every photo shoot—from a big screen major motion picture, to images for your hospital or office—deserves careful attention. It’s fun to watch one of those major motion picture extras that reveal “the making of…[this movie].” There may be one or two people in the scene. But just behind the camera there’s an army of professionals who look after every tiny detail. Really. Every detail. After all, ... Read more

Yeah, Size Matters: Impact of Visually-Demanding Graphics

A fundamental element of marketing and advertising tells us that, before you can persuade or convince an audience, it’s imperative that you command their attention. And, when you can effectively and instantly grab the viewer/audience by the eyeballs, their curious mind is bound to follow. It’s simply the way that we’re wired. The physiology of visual communications says that 93 percent of all human communications is visual, and 90 percent of the information sent to the brain is visual. The brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than text. For marketing’s digital messengers, visual images will produce 94 percent more ... Read more

Gutenberg Moment in Marketing: Your Quick Guide to iPhone Health

Who needs Dr. Leonard McCoy’s classic (but fictional) Medical Tricorder when iPhone health is already in your pocket? (Some of it anyway.) There are various configurations of the Tricorder on the Star Trek TV show. By today’s standards, the devices were bulky, but they enabled: Instant diagnosis ailments/disease Track general metrics/vital signs Monitor ongoing health Summarize state of health On the other hand, today’s ubiquitous smartphone—including the iPhone—has a more familiar, convenient and compact form. And imaginative TV science is becoming an iPhone health reality at warp speed. And compact, digital medical science is changing both healthcare delivery and medical ... Read more

Hospital Ambassador: Building Bridges in the Community and Enhancing Your Brand

Jenise Celestin [SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] Our guest for this podcast is Jenise Celestin, Director of Community Relations at Swedish Covenant Hospital. Jenise talks with Healthcare Success Marketing Strategist Peter Do as a preview of the SHSMD 2017 presentation: From Hospital Employee to Brand Ambassador: Building Bridges in the Community and Enhancing Your Brand. In today’s conversation, Jenise and Peter talk about leveraging engaged hospital employees as community relationship ambassadors. This upcoming SHSMD 2017 presentation reveals how to support organizational strategic goals and existing outreach efforts. Today’s conversation will touch on how to form your steering committee and recruit ambassadors, ... Read more

Why I Fired My Doctor (and Went to Her Competitor)

A professional colleague provided this first-person experience and the reasons he fired the doctor. We’ll cloak the identities involved, but here’s what went wrong—and how the problem could have been avoided. “The physician that I had been seeing was leaving the practice, and an alternative specialist was recommended. Two weeks later I was present for an appointment…the second patient to be seen that morning. I was shown to an exam room by a technical assistant who took some minor notes and left me to wait for the doctor. “After about 15 minutes alone, I asked the front desk about the ... Read more

Does a Rundown Office Predict a Bad Patient Experience?

Let’s call this an informal Patient Experience survey—or a real-world test of “first impressions.” The thing is, this is something that actually happened to me recently. Please let me know what you would have done in my place. Having waited a couple weeks to get an appointment I was scheduled to see a doctor that I had not seen previously. I was surprised to find the physical office was old and run-down. The chairs, for example, were clearly tired and worn, and my first impression was bad. Should I stay or go? In just a bit, I’ll tell you the ... Read more

Doctor, Tear Down Your Glass Window — Now!

Our friend and colleague Rob Klein—a consumer authority for hospitals and doctors—told us this story from a research focus group. Many people in the group agreed that the glass window at the front desk made patients feel unwelcome. A glass window seems to be standard issue for every doctor’s office on the planet. But it turns out that the window is one of the most hated features about a medical office visit. It’s a reflection (no pun intended) of how patients feel they’re being treated. And it’s not good. Rob shared that, through the window, “people could see a staff ... Read more

The Future of Healthcare Marketing and Digital Dominance

[Part of a continuing series] A colleague told the real-world story about seeing a group of senior citizens talking about their grandchildren. To our observer, the curious part was that each of the 70-plus-year-old grandparents had their smartphone in hand, complete with proud-moment pictures and videos. This snapshot is a micro-moment reminder of how personal adoption of technology is changing…rapidly. And this impacts medical marketing to older Internet users. As recently as five years ago, the senior-with-a-smartphone image would have been a rare encounter. Now, Americans age 65 and older account for 15 percent of the US population. And the US ... Read more

The Simple, Three-Part Secret to Asking for Referrals

Recently, I had a unique experience at a local IHOP restaurant. I’d like to share this real-world, simple-but-effective marketing idea that everyone can use. Here’s how asking for referrals can be an immediate boost for business. I was enjoying Father’s Day breakfast with the family. About halfway through our meal, an employee —wearing the name tag “Joe” and probably the manager—came up to the table and asked how we were enjoying our meal. After saying that everything was satisfactory, he said: “We would love if you could take a few minutes to review us on Yelp after your visit. We ... Read more