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Marketing a dental practice isn’t always easy. HSS has several articles on ways to market a dental office, dentists and procedures that will help increase patient numbers.

Are Yucky Clinical Photos Destroying Your Medical Advertising?

Circa 1746 In any given week, we objectively review medical advertising and dozens of healthcare websites. And more than a few of them—for doctors, dentists and providers of all sorts—manage to sabotage their medical advertising effectiveness in a single stroke. The poison? Those yucky photos of clinical procedures are a double-barrel emotional turn-off for prospective patients. You’ll never hear about this from prospective patients because…well, they are the folks that never become patients. The detailed close-up illustration of dental implants, as a common example, have caused them to forgo or delay treatment. In addition, images that the patient sees as negative ... Read more

Viral Wonder Pokémon GO Meets Healthcare Marketing

The global obsession with Pokémon GO is an instant healthcare marketing opportunity for many providers and facilities. This timely tool is especially adaptable for healthcare businesses with a retail component including dental, optometry, family practice, pediatricians, orthodontists…even urgent care or LASIK practices. You can also include anyone doing event marketing, such as health fairs, trade…

Flowers and Blue Ice: From Satisfied Patient to Raving Fan Forever 

A close friend of mine shared a personal story that’s worth re-telling. It illustrates a real-world patient experience that moved the measure of satisfaction from “simply satisfied” to “raving fan” status. Although this story comes from the dental profession, the core concept will easily transfer to other healthcare specialties. Consider how you can apply this concept in your practice. The invested cost will be modest, but the payback in patient satisfaction is enormous. First, a bit of backstory helps set the stage. In many professions, some patients dread going to the doctor…even when they like the provider, the staff and ... Read more

Moving From “Presentation Phobia” to Greater Case Acceptance

More than a few doctors, dentists and other providers suffer from “case presentation phobia.” This seems especially common with elective care discussions. Skilled and experienced providers may have buried the ill-at-ease feeling, and they probably have “avoidance systems” in place that point to someone else in the office. But, in fact, they hate making a case presentation that (a) asks a patient for a commitment, or (b) talking to a patient about cost, money or financing. This “phobia” keeps patients from getting the care they want or need, and it suppresses business opportunity and growth for the practice. Consider this real-world ... Read more

Two Well-Executed Ideas You Can Steal from Dental Marketing

Who says marketing can’t be fun. Here’s a brief post about two lighter-side ideas from dental marketing that you can steal. Look at these little case studies as idea starters for many other healthcare marketing situations. In each, take your inspiration mainly from the exceptional execution. Dr. Rich’s Patient Picnic: Western Pennsylvania orthodontist Richard Ribarevski has fun things for patient engagement throughout the year including a Day at the Movies, in office contests, Field Trips and a novel Game Room on his website. But perhaps the biggest event is “Dr. Rich’s Patient Picnic” – a day in the park that ... Read more

The Survey Says: US Dentists Resilient in a Down Economy

It seems that at least some dental practices in the United States are doing OK, business-wise, in spite of the down economy. We’d like to hear if you agree with this market assessment. In the numbers-filled environment of research publisher IBIS World, the Dentists Industry—in the collective perspective—“performed well during the economic recession and is expected to continue benefiting from favorable demographic trends, improvements in technology and mounting awareness of the importance of oral hygiene.” Further, IBIS declares, “The Dentists industry is resilient and expected to benefit from improving dental care insurance coverage.” We’ll take this useful insight for dentists ... Read more

Dental Therapists Brouhaha: Controversy or Dental Marketing Opportunity?

We’ve been watching a bit of a brouhaha in the media recently about dental therapists. We’d like to hear from our readers—practicing dentists in particular—about dental therapists and if there’s a place in dentistry for a mid-level provider. There is a wide range of dental procedures that a dental therapist can perform as determined by the local regulatory body, and vary by location, state and/or country. Their scope of work–what’s included or excluded–is a significant issue in the discussion. As this concept unfolds, one way or another it’s likely to have an influence on dental practice marketing and advertising. Let ... Read more

Marketing Myopia: A Classic Insight for Winning New Patients Today

The following quote is at least 50 years old, but dentists, doctors and healthcare providers can put this classic insight to the task of winning new patients immediately. Marketing guru and Harvard Business School Professor Theodore Levitt often told his students: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” The message is a powerful one, and it’s easily applied to dental marketing. Well…perhaps a “drill” isn’t ideal imagery for dentistry, but we’ll make allowances for a “classic.” More importantly the core concept is entirely appropriate and useful for doctors and other healthcare providers as well ... Read more

Texas Board Examines Dental Advertising on Groupon and other “Deal-A-Day” Sites

 The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is considering how the concept of online healthcare deals and discounts may or may not fit into its advertising and marketing rules for professional practice advertising. There was a small but important news item that touched on this. It’s worth reading…and watching where it may lead. In the weeks ahead it could become something to help keep your healthcare advertising safely within regulatory boundaries. The regulatory group has the various online “daily deal” sites—LivingSocial, Groupon, etc.—in their spotlight. Dentists in Texas (and possibly other states), as well as other elective care providers, will want ... Read more

Legally Dumb: Should a Doctor or Dentist Sue a Patient for Bad-Mouth Comments?

If a professional reputation is to be protected at all costs, should a healthcare provider file a lawsuit against a patient for a negative online review? From time to time we see news items about doctors or dentists who threaten legal action against patients. But suing a patient for a negative comment (or comments) is likely to be a bad idea. In fact, it just might be the worst thing to do. We can sympathize with a practitioner’s frustration and outright anger. Negative comments and online reviews can be untrue, unkind and one sided. What’s more, we’ve never met a ... Read more