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Want to know how to increase the number of doctor referrals your practice is getting? Healthcare Success Strategies frequently writes informative articles on how to increase referrals and grow your healthcare practice.

LinkedIn for Doctors: 6 Big Reasons Why Doctors Need It

The quick backstory here started on LinkedIn and turned out to be an amazing little coincidence. Although I was busy preparing for (yet another) business trip, I happened to notice the name of a business acquaintance that popped up via LinkedIn. Our West Coast offices are close to each other, but we both travel a lot and our previous efforts to find a meeting time had been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, I reached out again and suggested an appointment. In our rapid-fire messaging we discovered that we were both going on the road again. But the good news is that—purely by chance—our ... Read more

Creating Powerful and Engaging Video Testimonials

[Part of a continuing series] Consider how these important marketing touchpoints intersect: Video content now accounts for well over half of the traffic online Well over half of health and healthcare searches begin with an Internet search Positive reviews and testimonials strongly influence purchase decisions So this formula—video-plus-Internet-plus-testimonials—is a powerful combination for effective healthcare marketing. What’s more, digital technology has advanced rapidly, and online video testimonials are: Widely supported (Facebook, YouTube and many other platforms) Easy to create (beyond everyone’s iPhone, digital video hardware abounds), and Inexpensive to produce (acceptably good quality is nearly free) How video testimonials are powerful… As ... Read more

Poor Man’s Reputation Management: An Idea You Can Steal

Someone who knows that I work in marketing passed along this little idea. As it happens, it comes from a retail small business, but with minor modification, it would play well in healthcare. Let’s call it: A Poor Man’s Reputation Management Idea. And, large office or small, it’s an effective idea that you’re welcome to adapt—with a few improvements—for your own use. The core concept that propels this tactic is, simply, that you have to ask patients for referrals, reviews and testimonial comments. Many providers are reluctant to ask, or they’re busy, or…whatever. But what they don’t appreciate is that ... Read more

A Patient Experience So Bad I Inadvertently Dropped the F-Bomb

Anyone who knows me personally or professionally would likely agree that I’m sort of a high-energy guy. Nevertheless, we would also agree, that heavy-handed swear words are not in my usual nature or vocabulary. But — there’s an important lesson for others in this tale, so I’ll confess to this recent, embarrassing exception. The story goes back at least five years, but (obviously) I still feel emotional about what happened. So much so that I inadvertently dropped the (F-bomb expletive) as I described a “patient experience” that involved my mother’s doctor at the time. Expletive f-bomb nearly deleted… I was describing a ... Read more

When Doctors Underestimate Rival Practices, Professional Referrals Vanish

All too often a healthcare practice will wait to ask for my help until the “eleventh hour.” That was the case when a medical group (belatedly) discovered their growth curve had become a flat line. It turned out that their once-robust stream of professional referrals was vanishing. A rival practice was attracting this group’s lifeblood of doctor referrals. The competitive group had captured attention—and a great deal of new business—with an upscale symposium series. So, this was a case of one practice being blind to the competition. Underestimating the competition… In our experience, there are dozens of reasons that some healthcare providers ... Read more

3 Shocking Statistics: How to Double Your Doctor Referral Opportunity

It turns out that “missed appointments” aren’t the core problem for specialty practices. At first glance, it seems like it would top the list. Almost every office has some “no shows.” But what cripples business the most is when a doctor referral never happens at all. Therefore consider the net effect of these three shocking statistics: 50 percent of professional referrals never result in a doctor’s visit 70 percent of specialty practices say referral info from providers is fair to poor 21 days is the average time to obtain a doctor’s appointment First of all, nobody wins when there’s a ... Read more

4 Physician Referral-Building Mistakes That Spoil Your Reputation

The business of physician referrals—that stream of new cases and revenue—depends on maintaining a solid relationship with colleagues. Doctor-to-doctor patient referrals rely on a trust and confidence that goes beyond your CV, clinical skills and professional experience. Your reputation is on the line. I have the good fortune to travel throughout the country working with healthcare practices “up close and personal.” To clearly understand, diagnose and resolve some physician marketing issues, it takes a on-site perspective. Often, it is the in-office, micro-view of the doctor (and not the 12-page curriculum vitae) that have a negative influence on reputation among fellow physicians. ... Read more

4 Tips to Growing Your Physician Network and Referral Pipeline

[Series Installment] Not long ago, we were talking with the lead physician of a multispecialty medical practice. She was losing sleep because the once-dependable physician referral pipeline had become a leaking bucket. We discovered that part of the problem was the competitive environment of roll-ups, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions in the marketplace. Longstanding referral bridges were eroding, and the dynamics of change were undermining professional allegiances. Competition was the big picture. But, somewhat surprisingly, we found another troubling cause inside the practice itself. It turns out that this practice did not have a reliable system in place for the proper ... Read more

Opportunity Lost: When Inbound Marketing Doesn’t Work

When opportunity knocks, you’ve got five minutes or less to answer the door or the game’s over. Consider this: The most wasteful expense in inbound marketing occurs when you fail to respond quickly…or at all. Healthcare providers, hospitals and medical practices pump big bucks into content-driven, inbound marketing efforts that engage and entice prospective patients to come to you. They often employ a challenging combination of online search, web forms, landing pages, social media, blog posts and other tools. The first product of inbound marketing is opportunity knocking via web-generated prospects that reach out for more information, a live person ... Read more

10 Ways to Build a Better Physician Reputation

Even the most carefully constructed 37-page Curriculum Vitae is a sure-cure for insomnia. Other than the doctor who compiled the CV, it’s common for heads to droop after the first few pages. A detailed and current CV is a useful tool in professional circles, but the document is not at all the same as a physician’s reputation. In fact, outside of your own mind, a doctor’s reputation resides in two places: IN PERSON and ONLINE. The first of these, IN PERSON, is the real, and sometimes imagined, perception that people hold in their minds about you, your practice and the work ... Read more