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Explainer Videos for Healthcare: Popular, Versatile & Effective

It’s not clear who coined the label “explainer videos.” But in healthcare marketing, there’s a three-minute visual fastball just about everywhere these days. The term might have become “A/V CliffsNotes,” or “Visual Elevator Pitch,” or “Video Demo.” Regardless of the name, this is a quick communications tool that presents a short-and-sweet informational or educational snapshot. The familiar brick-and-mortar retail world has been shrinking to the size of a smartphone. Omnipresent wi-fi and broadband have enabled nearly universal online ordering. Retail buyers like having anywhere anytime viewing. Videos support upwards of 90 percent of viewers with their purchase decision. A video ... Read more

10+ Need-to-Know Facts About Being Lost or Found Online

It’s no secret that the Internet has become the new front door for healthcare providers and hospitals. And Google searches are primary pathways for that lead to health-related information, medical practices and professional care. They dictate being lost or found online. Without a strong online presence, providers and practices simply disappear from view. Three-quarters (75 percent) of users never scroll past the first page of search results, according to Search Engine Journal. Beyond the first page, it’s almost as if a practice doesn’t exist. Not too long ago, being found meant having a website with a dash of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ... Read more

Retooling Healthcare Marketing for the Small Screen

Exactly a year ago, Google used its considerable clout to “demand” that most websites become “mobile-friendly.” The world’s biggest search engine now tends to favor responsive web design as a ranking signal. What that means is: Websites (those designed for a desktop or laptop screen) that can be easily seen on users mobile device (Smartphone or tablet) will appear higher in search results. And those that don’t will, at best, fall lower in PageRank. By the way, if you missed that bit of Search Engine Optimization news, or if you want to confirm that this is working for you, reach ... Read more

Perspective: The State of Patient Experience [Podcast]

James Merlino, MD [Leadership Podcast Series] In this conversation with Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success, Dr. James Merlino, president and chief medical officer of the strategic consulting division at Press Ganey provides an insightful perspective on healthcare’s evolving landscape, significant leadership issues and the state of patient experience. Prior to joining Press Ganey, Dr. James Merlino—also a practicing surgeon—was the Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Health System. In this leadership podcast, Dr. Merlino draws on his practical and diverse knowledge and experience and speaks with us about contemporary issues for hospitals and the nation’s health care delivery system. Among ... Read more

Why Telehealth of Tomorrow Belongs in Your Marketing Plan Today

Change isn’t coming; it’s an ever-present consideration. Simply keeping pace is the challenge for physicians, medical practice administrators and hospital leadership. Telehealth—and its various facets—continues to emerge as an important and strong change agent. And two recent, in-depth reports provide guidance for doctors, industry executives and forward-looking marketing professionals. As a component of health transformation, Deloitte’s Empowering Patients with Telehealth (available free, online) predicts: “Telehealth—the provision of high-quality, real-time video encounters between patients and providers—is a powerful tool that can support healthier patients. At its core, telehealth aims to provide care anytime, anywhere, on any type of device—be it a web ... Read more

Hospital Marketing: Medicare Payments Collide with Delivery System Reform

It would be difficult for the general public to miss the daily torrent of news media coverage about the run-up to the next presidential election. But hospital administrators and healthcare communications professionals are focused on  Health and Human Services’ increasing emphasis on “quality-based payments,” “patient-centered systems” and “delivery system reforms.” There’s far less mainstream news coverage about Medicare payments. However, this year’s goal of 30 percent value-based Medicare payments—up from the current 20 percent—is reportedly “the most dramatic shift in the program’s 50-year history.” What’s more, news accounts report that by 2018, “half of all payments to Medicare would be ... Read more

How High-Deductible Insurance Fuels Momentous Healthcare Shifts

Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in its final, amended version, has been the law of the land for slightly more than five years, the industry-shaking consequence of “healthcare reform,” continue to emerge almost daily. There have probably been more significant changes in the nation’s healthcare delivery system—for providers, hospitals, employers and health insurance—between 2010 and today, than in the preceding decade or two. And about the only certainty going forward is that little is settled, and change will continue to be the order of the day. That said, highly significant trends have emerged, and they are changing how we ... Read more

Will Pay-for-Performance Make You a Better Doctor?

At an altitude of 30,000 feet, the healthcare reform objectives that link financial incentives to performance shine brightly. There are no protesting voices calling for poor outcomes, more medical errors or higher costs. Taking a playbook page from the corporate world, financial incentives and penalties are intended to drive performance improvements in healthcare delivery. But it’s reasonable to wonder how well big business theory—manufacturing thousands of new automobiles, for example—compares to the infinite variables, personal and one-to-one practice of medical arts. And, while the goals are admirable, physicians, hospitals, medical groups and other healthcare providers question the validity of the ... Read more

Affordable Care: Your Prospective Patients Are Mighty Confused

When it comes to healthcare reform, a big chunk of the community that you serve—and audiences you want to reach with hospital and medical marketing—simply may not know what you’re talking about (or care). Our caution here is to deliver meaningful marketing and advertising messages to the right level of consumer awareness. Ongoing polls suggest that’s likely to require a good measure of elementary education and informed persuasion. Here’s a bit of the background. Understandably, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is wide-reaching and the details are complex. Everyone connected with the nation’s healthcare delivery system—working inside the ... Read more

Obamacare: The Marketing Battle and Media Blitz Ahead

Connect for Health Colorado Ad Healthcare reform hit a bit of speed bump a few weeks ago when enforcement of the employer mandate requirement was delayed for a year under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Businesses with 50 employees now have until 2015 to provide insurance coverage for workers instead of 2014. In our view, this delay in the business sector signals one of many important marketing implications for healthcare communicators and providers about the near-term rollout of Obamacare. It’s going to be a challenging “sell” to the uninsured. “Employees who now have to wait another year to get health ... Read more