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4 Best Gift-Giving Tips (That You Probably Haven’t Heard) For Your Referring Doctors

I didn’t mean for this to sneak up—but surprise—it’s that time of year! Right now—meaning today—is the best time to take care of the holiday gift-giving and doctor-recognition-marketing routine. There’s got to be a shorter name, but traditionally, it’s when everyone wants to thank the various referral sources among doctors. The most common referral channels are between and/or among generalists and specialists. You know the drill. This is where doctors or practices refer patients to another practice or practitioner for expert care. (And often, the specialty practice is reliant on inbound referrals for new business.) But although recognizing referral sources ... Read more

When Doctors Underestimate Rival Practices, Professional Referrals Vanish

All too often a healthcare practice will wait to ask for my help until the “eleventh hour.” That was the case when a medical group (belatedly) discovered their growth curve had become a flat line. It turned out that their once-robust stream of professional referrals was vanishing. A rival practice was attracting this group’s lifeblood of doctor referrals. The competitive group had captured attention—and a great deal of new business—with an upscale symposium series. So, this was a case of one practice being blind to the competition. Underestimating the competition… In our experience, there are dozens of reasons that some healthcare providers ... Read more

3 Shocking Statistics: How to Double Your Doctor Referral Opportunity

It turns out that “missed appointments” aren’t the core problem for specialty practices. At first glance, it seems like it would top the list. Almost every office has some “no shows.” But what cripples business the most is when a doctor referral never happens at all. Therefore consider the net effect of these three shocking statistics: 50 percent of professional referrals never result in a doctor’s visit 70 percent of specialty practices say referral info from providers is fair to poor 21 days is the average time to obtain a doctor’s appointment First of all, nobody wins when there’s a ... Read more

4 Tips to Growing Your Physician Network and Referral Pipeline

[Series Installment] Not long ago, we were talking with the lead physician of a multispecialty medical practice. She was losing sleep because the once-dependable physician referral pipeline had become a leaking bucket. We discovered that part of the problem was the competitive environment of roll-ups, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions in the marketplace. Longstanding referral bridges were eroding, and the dynamics of change were undermining professional allegiances. Competition was the big picture. But, somewhat surprisingly, we found another troubling cause inside the practice itself. It turns out that this practice did not have a reliable system in place for the proper ... Read more

Engaging Physicians and Others The Purely Old Fashioned Way

If there’s one—close-to-perfect and always effective—secret to engaging doctors and others, this is it: Sharing timely, useful and interesting information–directly and personally. This makes an unforgettable and lasting impression that grows relationships with physicians and professional colleagues. If you prefer, think of this as an old fashioned, personalized and “analog” take on the benefits of social media sharing. But make it personal and direct…one-to-one. Here’s a short backstory: A feature article in the national news caught was in the news recently about Millennials in the workplace. A colleague sent it along to an associate, tagged with a “thought you might be interested” note. That ... Read more

Scary Secret #4: What Doctors Don’t Know About Professional Referrals

  Lori Waltz by Senior Consultant Lori Waltz I’d like share a brief marketing story that’s straight from the real-life medical world. It’s a little scary to think that this just might be happening in your own practice, but even worse, you might not know it. See if you can relate… The setting is a metropolitan suburb in the Northeast. I was doing training work with the office manager of a healthcare specialty group that depends on a steady stream of inbound physician referrals. As part of their marketing plan, we compiled a list of current and potential referring offices ... Read more

FOTS: Relationships and Referrals for Hospital Service Line Success

[Series Installment: How to Win More Patients for Your Most Profitable Service Lines; Step Seven – Develop Your Feet on the Street. A free White Paper from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] FOTS? That’s our shorthand for outside representatives, liaisons or simply your “Feet on the Street.” It’s one of the most important and proactive resources in the competition to win patients for a hospital’s most profitable service lines. A healthy and constantly flowing physician referral stream is, for many facilities, the lifeblood for continuing success of service lines. These days, certain influencing factors are for certain: Competition for referrals ... Read more

Are Your Competitors Quietly Using Physician Liaisons to Win Your Doctor Referrals?

I just came away from a discussion with two practice representatives who work with one of our highly successful specialty practices. Real world, “from the street” healthcare marketing information is often perceptive, and the conversation left me with important insights that I wanted to share with our readers. For context… Three years ago, our client acted on our recommendation to hire these two representatives, and they have been remarkably successful. Today they were working their territory and found out that one of their major competitors is hiring 12—yes, 12—practice reps to cover the city. (That’s more reps than many hospitals ... Read more

Hiring a Healthcare Practice or Organization Rep

Hospitals want to constantly build rapport with their referring physicians. And, if you are a specialist (medical, physical therapy or dental), chances are you are heavily dependent upon referrals from other doctors. If you are currently looking to win more of those professional referrals, experience shows that one of the most productive and successful marketing strategies you could implement would be to hire a Practice Rep. While theoretically a doctor would be the best person to represent a medical practice, but many doctors tell us they can’t find the time to network. Others will admit that they simply feel too ... Read more

Compelling Clinical Cases Boost Reputation and Professional Referrals in Medical Practice Marketing

Here’s a real-world marketing case study about…using clinical case studies. Cindy Gall sends us this medical practice marketing success story about how the Central Texas Spine Institute (Austin) is effectively using physician-to-physician clinical case examples. Cindy writes, “I attended a Healthcare Success seminar in September of 2010. Lonnie Hirsch recommended using case studies as a marketing technique. I loved the idea! Our referring docs love [the case study page], even those that don’t like marketing at all. I change the pics, verbiage and heading for each case study.” A recent example is compelling, with the leading edge topic: Lumbar Spinal ... Read more