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Thinking Outside the Doc: Holistic Marketing Checklist

Frequently, we teach the value of micro planning—using precision, personalized online marketing means and methods that zero in on the single-person at a point of need. Increasingly, technology enables this fine level of timely, local and immediate messages. But you also need to consider the macro view—the holistic perspective that doesn’t lose sight of the micro touches. Effective healthcare marketing is also a wide-angle endeavor for hospitals and medical groups. There are many buyer and influence personas to track. While the solo consumer profile is vital, “outside the doc” target audience thinking considers many others. In other words, both the patient (ideal ... Read more

Relationships Will Carry You Further Than Smarts Alone

“Yeh..I know that you probably know all this, but… sometimes it’s good to refresh your connection with valuable reminders. This is about one of those small-but-vital ideas that help when you use them routinely.” SG For doctors, clinical skills are presumed. By definition, doctors are smart people. OK, maybe some are a bit smarter or better at what they do. Certainly, their intelligence (being smart) is essential to success. But relationship skills are also a significant part of the equation. The people who take the social stuff seriously—regularly building enduring relationships with others—are likely to jump to the next level. ... Read more

Reaching the Next Level of Successful Group Practice Marketing

If your schedule permits a quiet moment, look at the competitive landscape. Group practice marketing is constantly challenged to keep up with mergers, rollups and acquisitions. Know it or not, business conditions in your service area have changed in the past few months. It could be that the territory has shifted. And, like it or not, the only predictable factor is continued change. We’ve worked with dozens of business models across America. And it turns out that the dynamics and the economics of healthcare frequently create new (or significantly reconstituted) group medical practices. The size of the group—from two to ... Read more

A Costly Mistake: Is Your Staff Giving Medical Advice on the Phone?

Medical practices, groups and provider organizations often invite me to be a “mystery shopper.” That’s where the principals of the business ask Healthcare Success to call the practice posing as a prospective patient. The technique is most effective when a healthcare marketing agency provides an independent—and unbiased—third-party assessment of the quality of service. Recently, we discovered a well-intended staff member was trying to be too helpful with callers to the practice. In this case, the phone person offered treatment direction. As a result, the prospective patient didn’t feel the need to make an appointment. Too Much Information (TMI) can be harmful… We ... Read more

How to Choose Your Healthcare Marketing Agency Partner

The most enduring and successful client-agency relationships work as a partnership. The trouble is, a solid working relationship isn’t easy to achieve. Selecting a healthcare marketing agency for a hospital or group practice shouldn’t be “easier-said-than-done.” Here are some important issues to consider. Performance is a specific measure of results, not the portfolio. Every agency has a gallery of previous ads, web pages and similar creative projects. Unfortunately, the portfolio pictures do not tell the entire story. Here’s what to ask: What was the goal of this campaign? How did you measure Return-on-Investment? In measurable and quantifiable results, how did this perform? Experience ... Read more

5 Search Engine Optimization Blunders to Avoid

SEO is a critical marketing-related factor. And the guidance of a healthcare advertising agency is highly recommended. It’s far too easy for well-intended individuals to create search engine optimization blunders. One reason you need professional SEO help is that the big search engines have us all outnumbered. They use dozens of uber-smart people to create and maintain a complex search algorithm. The formula delivers meaningful search results that are relevant to keywords or phrases. These bright folks–specialists–are good at their work. But there’s a catch. The search engines keep the specifics of their search algorithm a secret. They offer hints. ... Read more

6 Danger Signs: Time to Streamline Your Marketing Management

We had a call the other day from the lead doctor in a group practice. She wasn’t exactly in a panic, but it was obvious that a festering marketing problem was close to bursting. It was a familiar story, and many readers can probably relate to the red-flag warnings she described. The problem for this practice—like many others—is that they were frustrated by the time and effort required to manage multiple vendors. Their marketing and advertising program had grown to the point that it was time to consolidate and streamline.  Competition in the marketplace was tougher than ever and various ... Read more

The Seven Most Important Words in Marketing Meetings

Dug, The Talking Dog I have to admit that I have a reputation for being a bit “attention deficit,” especially in meetings with my internal team members. Like Dug, the talking dog in the Disney/Pixar movie UP, I can easily get distracted. (Squirrel!) Take 20-seconds to meet Dug in this clip from this Academy Award-winning animated feature. Now that I am CEO of our fast-growing medical advertising agency, “being a bit ADD” isn’t cute. (My team tells me it never was.) So the one thing that is really helping when I give direction to my team is to ask everyone, ... Read more

An Intelligent Approach to Creating an Durable Marketing Plan

Isn’t hindsight great? You’re beginning a quarterly assessment of your Marketing Plan, and some marketing and advertising elements played out close to plan. But then there are troublesome parts of the plan where you’re faced with a painful dissection of incorrect assumptions, increased competition, erratic consumer needs and wants, and the relentless rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. “If you only knew then, what you know now,” this process would be a bit less painful. Sorry, but we have no magic formula for the instant creation of a “perfect” marketing plan. Reality will always intrude, and you ... Read more

Healthcare Radio Rules: Low Rates Open the Door to a Highly-Effective Medical Marketing Tool

A baker’s dozen of helpful tips in evaluating and using healthcare radio advertising Radio is a powerful media option for healthcare marketing. With rates negotiable to “half-off” or better, radio is worth a close look, even if you’ve avoided radio advertising in the past as too sophisticated or expensive for your hospital, organization or private practice. Here are some of the most important tips when considering radio as part of your marketing mix. Right now is a great time for a close look at local radio as part of your marketing mix. Radio rates—the cost of broadcast air time—have always ... Read more