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Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Doctors Tired of Being the “Invisible Man” (or Woman) Online

Editor’s note: This article covers secrets about Search Engine Optimization. It is another in our series about how to get found on the Internet. We have a personal question for you. Have you ever “Googled yourself?” More to the point, when patients from your town search online for the services that you provide, does your practice website make the Google short list? Sadly, if you are like most practitioners, your own patients would probably have a hard time finding your practice website online, even if they were to search for you by name. And since most searchers never get beyond ... Read more

Medical Device Marketing Secret: Sales Are Easy When Doctors KNOW They’ll Make Money With Your Device

Most medical device sales and marketing people tell us the #1 objection they fear most is… “But how do I make money with this?” When you look at things from the doctor’s point of view, that’s a very good question. After all, every available minute seems crammed with patients, paperwork, staff problems, computer snafus and insurance squabbles. And with reimbursements in constant decline, everyone they speak with tells them to cut costs, not make new investments. Worse, your competitors are vying for your prospects’ time and attention just as aggressively as you are. Even assuming your technology is better, doctors ... Read more

Pacemaker-Like Device for Sleep Apnea on the Horizon

Existing treatment options and marketing approaches for obstructive sleep apnea and loud snoring may be changing with a new, pacemaker-like medical device. Sleep centers, hospitals, otolaryngologists and other providers will want to follow the introduction of an airway stimulation therapy approach. The new medical device has been approved for sale in Europe and for clinical testing in the US market later this year. Obstructive sleep apnea is often treated with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system. While CPAP can be effective, it’s a technique that’s not popular with everyone and is often abandoned by many patients. It’s a sizable ... Read more

Will the First Home-Use Laser Device Put a Wrinkle in Plastic Surgery or MediSpa Marketing?

Healthcare providers and marketing professionals who deal with wrinkle removal, and skin care in general, will want to watch the promotional roll-out of a new home skin treatment. It’s already a crowded marketplace, but there are a couple “firsts” here that make this device a bit of a breakthrough. This month, device manufacturer Palomar Medical Technologies released its home laser system, dubbed PaloVia. Medical device industry news reports say it’s the first-to-market, “FDA-cleared, at-home laser clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.” The microfine laser device—similar in size and appearance to an electric shaver—was the subject ... Read more

Medical Device Marketing & Advertising Finds Receptive Audience with At-Home Patients

Medical Device Marketing Meets EHR Monitoring The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that almost half of the American population lives with at least one chronic condition such as diabetes, asthma, COPD or heart disease. The numbers spike in older age categories, with more than ninety percent of Americans age 65 or older living with some form of chronic illness, according to the CDC. It’s a large market, and survey results released last week suggest that medical device marketing and advertising would find it to be a receptive audience for remote monitoring. Patients in this category are aware ... Read more

Boston Physician Wants CME Independence from Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising

Boston Harbor No so long ago really—1773, as I recall—when some folks in Boston expressed their displeasure with then-mother Brittan’s Tea Tax and dumped a boat load of the stuff into the harbor. The now-famous tea party was a historical moment of independence. That spirit of independence lives on in Boston, with a personal revolt of sorts against pharmaceutical marketing and advertising that targets physicians, according to an item from the Boston Globe last week. Harvard Medical School neurologist Dr. Martin Samuels has started a new company “that he says will provide continuing medical education to doctors across the country ... Read more

Stethoscope with Commercials Could Open a New Medical Device Marketing & Advertising Channel

Advertising Messages on Your Digital Stethoscope It seems there’s an iPhone app for everything. (As of today, at least 250,000 apps, and 6.5 billion downloads. But that’s a moving target). Now there’s an app that falls into the category of medical device marketing & advertising. The iStethoscope turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into (surprise) a stethoscope, to hear a heartbeat and see a heart waveform. The free version is advertising supported. Assuming it is popular with doctors—as the developer suggests—it could be an avenue for pharma and medical device marketing and advertising to target practitioners.The BBC is reporting that: ... Read more