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Your Next Medical Public Relations Disaster: Stolen Patient Records

It’s likely that your health system, hospital or practice will soon be the victim of a cyber crime. Your medical public relations disaster is not “if,” but “when.” The actual victims include patients and the loss of personal data. Compromised health record information is a medical public relations emergency waiting to happen. Your brand and marketing goodwill is vulnerable. That is, if it hasn’t happened already. Your patient electronic medical records (EMR) database is a prime target. Perhaps it was among the 100-million-plus health records already stolen. “Experts say healthcare record hacking is skyrocketing. It’s up an astounding 11,000 percent last year alone,” ... Read more

Another Hospital PR Case: When Media Relations Go Sour

[Second of two parts] If you have not already done so, please read our previous post, Hospital PR Case Examples: One Bizarre, One Just Crazy about the hospital cyber-attack-for-ransom. This second case example is a different sort of hospital public relations (and media relations) squabble, between the local newspaper and the local hospital. Nobody wants to get into this sort of arm-wrestling match with the media, but this example provides additional lessons for those of us in hospital and healthcare communications. Here’s how this story unfolded: VALDOSTA, GEORGIA: It seems that The Valdosta Daily Times and the South Georgia Medical ... Read more

The Intersection of Google Alphabet and Future Healthcare

Google—perhaps the most valuable brand in the world—recently announced a corporate restructuring with the holding company name of Alphabet. The new structure, strategy and operating details are complex and widely reported in business media and on Google’s own site. But a corporate powerhouse like Google-now-Alphabet will, according to many observers, have a major influence in healthcare in particular. The new operating structure will help them do big things, in a big way…and prospectively with a faster time to market for industries and for consumers. What seems futuristic and still beyond the tech event horizon may still take a while, but ... Read more

Why Doctors Don’t Want to Be Doctors Any Longer

The usual challenges of physician recruitment, physician relations and physician marketing are all contending with an unhappy dynamic: Many doctors simply don’t want to be a doctor any longer. After investing ump-teen years in earning their much-prized white coat, it looks like many docs want to hang it up. They are either ready to get out of the profession or have their eye on the exit. And that may be as soon as the next 12 to 24 months. Here’s some the background to help administrators, communications professionals and physician relations executives understand the attitudes and undercurrent. A little more ... Read more

Website vs. Social Media vs. Email: Where’s Your Real Marketing Muscle?

Two interesting items in the online news caught our attention recently. Both were serious reports from the business world about the comparative effectiveness of search engines, social media and email. Both were completely credible, widely circulated, and good fodder for strategic thinking and planning. The contrasting information asks and answers vital questions. With an equal amount of believability, one might be left wondering: Is social media more effective than search engines? Is email really beating the pants off social media? Is a Facebook page more important (valuable) than a website? In fairness, this information is a reflection of corporate and ... Read more

How to be Named the Costliest Hospital in the Nation

The most expensive hospital in the nation is in New Jersey, according to The New York Times. “The Bayonne Medical Center charged Medicare the highest amounts for about a quarter of the most common treatments, a Times analysis of 2011 data shows.” Hospital administrators and medical marketing professionals will appreciate the business strategy (and public relations implications) revealed in this New York Times article. It’s a timely subject as the federal government pushes for transparency, releasing “Medicare data showing that facilities nationwide submitted widely divergent bills for the same treatments.” It’s a financial recovery story. “Bayonne Medical, which was founded in ... Read more

Video Calling Shrinks Distance, Time and Cost in Healthcare

Have you noticed the recent wave of TV commercials for one-to-one video calling (Apple Facetime), or multiple participation (GoToMeeting) video collaboration, or one-to-many webcasting? In business, it’s all as close, convenient and immediate as your smart phone, tablet or laptop. For personal and small business uses the service is free or low cost and it’s becoming commonplace. The mainstream adoption in business will be driving more medical provider and hospital applications…eventually. In the United States and in other countries, real-time, two-way video calling and conferencing continues to find useful telemedicine applications in healthcare. But for doctor/patient communications, however, the adoption ... Read more

Marketing Periscope: Now There’s a Healthcare App for Prescribing Another App

Our first post about Happtique—the Greater New York Hospital Association’s (GNYHA) mobile application store—was just prior to its launch in 2010. Much has transpired in the subsequent couple of years. There are some important trends here for forward-looking healthcare and hospital marketing professionals. Including—just this month—a pilot program for an app for issuing prescriptions. As background, Happtique came on the scene at a time as smartphones were trending upward with explosive popularity. In the past 24 months, the mobile device market has further expanded to include iPhone and iPad competitors and other devices. Second, the curiously named Happtique (de-cute to ... Read more

Priority Planning: The Nuts and Bolts of Engaging with Healthcare Consumers

The digital and technological tools of healthcare marketing are increasing in importance and opportunity. And, if you haven’t done so lately, right now is probably a good time to weigh your “connectivity goals” against the technical nuts and bolts needed to get the job done. All the action behind consumer engagement is evolving at the intersection of health information technology and medical marketing planning and administration. As a top line example, a recent survey by the National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) concluded that consumer engagement is a top priority for many organizations, but that objectives, strategies, tactics and success metrics are still ... Read more

Dissatisfied and Disappearing Doctors: The Changing Marketing Mix

The dues you pay to become a doctor are high. After investing ump-teen grueling years in education and training—not to mention a fortune in expense—one would hope that the average young physician would be happy with their chosen profession. But it doesn’t look like that’s the case. And the provider business model and physician marketing mix has changed dramatically. By definition, doctors are clearly dedicated to their work. But recent survey information suggests that—after all the years of work to get into the professional ranks—many are deeply concerned about the future. And for those individuals who began their trek with ... Read more