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The FDA’s Brief (but First-Ever) Social Media Guidance for Healthcare Marketing

It’s entirely possible that you missed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) officiously titled draft guidelines about social media marketing and communications: Guidance for Industry: Responding to Unsolicited Requests for Off-Label Information About Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices. Please stick with us for a minute on this one. This topic isn’t just for pharmaceutical and medical device professionals. Everyone who has a chair in the healthcare delivery continuum—from patients to hospitals to physician providers—will want to take a minute or two to review and prospectively comment on this FDA proposal. (Especially those of us who use what the FDA refers ... Read more

When Doctors Slam the Door on Pharmaceutical Marketing Reps, Where Does That Leave the Patient?

The job of a pharmaceutical company field rep is tough. In our experience, it’s always been hard work, but lately pharma marketing—the up-close-and-personal kind—is getting tougher. (It’s always been a challenge to see a busy doctor during office hours.) What’s worse, now there are news media reports about doctors who refuse to see any pharmaceutical marketing representative. We have to wonder, if doctors slam the door on pharma reps, where does that leave the patient? The physician’s office is the primary gateway and information conduit about prescription medications that benefit the patient. Is it safe to assume that doctors will ... Read more

Old Media Telephone is First on New Media List for Marketing to Physicians

The New Media Marketing to physicians is always a communications challenge. There are gatekeepers, drawbridges, barriers and the never-ending constraints of a busy physician’s packed schedule. Everyone wants a slice of time for physician relations, medical device sales, hospital marketing and PR, and pharmaceutical detailing, to name just a few. There’s no magic answer. But a recent survey suggests that the old-fashioned telephone is at the top of the list of “new media” tools to reach and promote products to physicians and other prescribers. The recent data by the research firm SK&A – U.S. Pharma Company Promotional Spending Trends in ... Read more

How Are You Using the iPad in Healthcare, Hospital or Pharmaceutical Marketing? Game-Changer or Curious Gadget?

Healthcare seems to be one of the early early-adopter industries for Apple’s popular tablet, trailing the financial services and technology sectors of business. The iPad is still less than a year old and there is no doubt that it’s been a hit in the marketplace. Apple-watchers predict the company will ship 7 to 10 million iPads this year, and perhaps four times that number next year. (I hear there are brands other than Apple, but with over 90 percent of the tablet market, few others spring to mind.) We’ve seen various predictions about how the iPad will be a game ... Read more

Pharma Execs Are Still Pondering Digital Strategy: How to Measure Effectiveness?

Pharma Still Questions Digital Effectiveness Recent market research suggests that many pharmaceutical marketing executives are still on the sidelines and working on their digital game plan. While marketing planners in other industries have quickly jumped into online channels, pharma has been comparatively slow to embrace the digital revolution. The findings from Digital Marketing in Pharma say that about half of pharmaceutical executives surveyed spend less than 10 percent of their marketing budget on digital, and most of that on their own websites. With nearly everyone working in healthcare marketing and communications now hip-deep in online and social media, the primary ... Read more

Tech-Savvy Nurses: Emerging Target of Influence for Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising

Tech-Savvy Recommendations Each week, according to one recent survey, physicians get about 20 visits from pharmaceutical company representatives, but not everyone gets face time with the doc. Compare that with another study that says that nurses are not only “digitally advanced,” but they are likely to recommend online resources to patients. Although physicians are a primary pharmaceutical marketing target, nurses are no less active online and are emerging as a significant alternative market segment. Taking the Pulse Nurses, a study by Manhattan Research, tracks the media preferences, professional resource mix, and digital behaviors and attitudes of U.S. nurses and physician ... Read more

Boston Physician Wants CME Independence from Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising

Boston Harbor No so long ago really—1773, as I recall—when some folks in Boston expressed their displeasure with then-mother Brittan’s Tea Tax and dumped a boat load of the stuff into the harbor. The now-famous tea party was a historical moment of independence. That spirit of independence lives on in Boston, with a personal revolt of sorts against pharmaceutical marketing and advertising that targets physicians, according to an item from the Boston Globe last week. Harvard Medical School neurologist Dr. Martin Samuels has started a new company “that he says will provide continuing medical education to doctors across the country ... Read more

Look Closely. Is Online Pharmaceutical Marketing & Advertising Really Increasing?

Slow-motion growth and “imminent” internet rules Sometimes it’s tough to know who has the best crystal ball. When the final numbers are in for this year, US healthcare and pharmaceutical online advertising spending is expected to top $1 billion—up 10.6% from last year—according to a mid-year report from eMarketer, a respected analytics firm. This, they say, is “despite shifting regulatory hurdles and economic malaise.” Now fast-forward to 2014. The expectation is for “…online ad spending in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which includes DTC and over-the-counter remedies, [to] reach $1.52 billion. Despite robust annual growth rates through 2014, pharma’s share ... Read more