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The Patient-Centric Philosophy That’s Transforming One Health System

Michael Boblitz, VP of Planning & Business Development at Gwinnett Medical Center From time to time, I get the opportunity to interview leaders in healthcare from various viewpoints. Recently, I had fun speaking with my old friend Michael Boblitz about his role in shaping the strategic healthcare marketing plan of his organization in two big ways: A philosophy of focusing on a few things at a time, and Improving the patient experience with a more patient-centric model of care. Michael Boblitz is the Vice President of Planning and Business Development for Gwinnett Health System, a center about 30 miles north ... Read more

The State of Healthcare Marketing Research: Reaching and Winning New Patients

[Healthcare Success Industry Leadership Podcast] In this installment of our continuing educational series, Healthcare Success CEO Stewart Gandolf talks with Rob Klein, founder and CEO of healthcare marketing research firm Klein & Partners. From large hospitals and medical group to individual practices, the marketing research step is a vital foundation to achieving campaign success and business growth. The process of effective research has changed, and new technology provides executives with new tools. In this look at the state of the art, Stewart and Rob discuss: Changes in telephone interviewing The downside of “cell phone sampling” Landline stability vs. phone number portability ... Read more

Creating Patient-Centered Design for the Medical Space [Podcast]

Cheryl Janis [Healthcare Success Podcast Series] This is Stewart Gandolf. As you know we like to provide our audience with interesting podcast topics and new perspectives about the things we teach everyday. Our guest today is Cheryl Janis, principal designer and owner of Cheryl Janis Designs. Today, we’re talking about podcast is about interior design that benefits medical practices and hospitals, including: What’s wrong with traditional medical office design The needs and wants of Millennials and Boomers The lasting impression of the first 15 seconds Evidence-Based Design for healthcare environment The power of healing art It doesn’t have to be ... Read more

Mayo Clinic Social Media Network: Shared Content and the Warm Arizona Sun [Podcast]

[Healthcare Success Leadership Podcast] In this installment of our continuing educational series, Healthcare Success CEO Stewart Gandolf, [@StewartGandolf ] talks with Lee Aase, [@LeeAase], Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. #MCSMN The seventh Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Annual Conference will be held at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale campus, December 11-12, 2017. In today’s podcast, Stewart and Lee discuss the upcoming conference, as well as: The evolution of social media in healthcare Individual and institutional reputation management Changes in the Facebook algorithm and visibility Secrets to getting good ideas for good content New technology and a look at the future ... Read more

10 Best Healthcare Podcasts You Need to Hear

Over the years, our free library of marketing reference materials has grown steadily. And, among these resources, is an impressive collection of several dozen healthcare podcasts with recognized industry leaders. It was tough to spotlight only 10 articles from this leadership podcasts series. Stewart Gandolf, Healthcare Success CEO, leads these insightful and inspiring discussions from our online audio library. And, as a bonus, we’ve included links to two practical “how-to” articles about creating your own superior podcasts and audio content. The Best Strategies in Healthcare Begin With Empathy with Dr. Tom Lee, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey In an increasingly consumer-driven ... Read more

Hospital Ambassador: Building Bridges in the Community and Enhancing Your Brand

Jenise Celestin [SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] Our guest for this podcast is Jenise Celestin, Director of Community Relations at Swedish Covenant Hospital. Jenise talks with Healthcare Success Marketing Strategist Peter Do as a preview of the SHSMD 2017 presentation: From Hospital Employee to Brand Ambassador: Building Bridges in the Community and Enhancing Your Brand. In today’s conversation, Jenise and Peter talk about leveraging engaged hospital employees as community relationship ambassadors. This upcoming SHSMD 2017 presentation reveals how to support organizational strategic goals and existing outreach efforts. Today’s conversation will touch on how to form your steering committee and recruit ambassadors, ... Read more

Rollout a Winning Video Content Strategy with No Budget [Podcast]

Keith Whitworth [SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] Healthcare Success Marketing Strategist Peter Do talks with Keith Whitworth, Director of Marketing at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. This podcast will preview Keith’s presentation at the 2017 SHSMD marketing conference titled: Rollout a Winning Video Content Strategy with No Budget. Everyone—patients, audience, search engines, and leadership—loves good video content. It’s an increasingly useful and important tool in healthcare marketing. Our talk today reveals how a small marketing team produced hundreds of videos to cover population health, patient experience, physician features, social media and content marketing—with no budget. Keith provides helpful information ... Read more

Mayo Medical Labs: Designing Digital Communications for a Changing Healthcare Market [Podcast]

Brent Westra [SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] In this segment of our 2017 continuing series, Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success talks with Brent Westra, Marketing Segment Manager, and Andrew Tofilon, Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Medical Laboratories. The topic of this podcast is Brent and Andrew’s presentation at the SHSMD marketing conference on their topic titled: Designing Dynamic Digital Communications for a Changing Healthcare Market. As healthcare continues its dramatic transformation, the new currency is insightful information. New care models, disruptive technologies, personalized medicine and alternative payment models are all challenging the conventional thinking of patients and practitioners. The industry ... Read more

Doctors to DJs: How Audio Content Put Physicians Center Stage [Podcast]

Scot Singpiel [SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] Our interview today is with Scot Singpiel, Communications Manager at University of Utah Health regarding the upcoming presentation at SHSMD 2017 hospital and healthcare marketing conference. Scott, and his co-presenter Kathy Wilets, Director of Media Relations, will be talking about the unique uses of audio in their content marketing strategy. is a unique tool for creating multi-purpose healthcare marketing content at the University of Utah Health. The Scope Health Sciences Radio highlights expert health advice from authoritative sources. The Scope’s mission is to educate, engage in, and lead the conversation on the latest ... Read more

JeffConnect: Building a Value-Based Care Business Model Through Telehealth

[SHSMD17 Speaker Podcast Series] Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success talks with Judd E. Hollander, MD, Associate Dean for Strategic Health Initiatives, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Jefferson Health. The topic of this podcast is Dr. Hollander’s presentation at the 2017 SHSMD marketing conference on the topic titled: Building a Value-Based Care Business Model Through Telehealth. The continuing shift to value-based healthcare has created a quandary for health systems regarding how to create future payment models. A key component of the Jefferson Health strategy is to grow a robust telehealth program—JeffConnect—representing the next step in patient-centered care. JeffConnect delivers high quality, ... Read more