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Better Ways to Create Search-Friendly Press Releases

Communications professionals know the name Ivy Lee, considered the father of modern public relations. Few people appreciate that he also invented—and wrote—the first press release. That was a hundred years ago (1906). It traveled by regular mail and the common name “press release” probably came later. Many things about this time-honored publicity channel are still the same. Other stuff has changed, including what we call it. “A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release,” according to Wikipedia, “is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.” Essential tips for a search-friendly press ... Read more

Your Practical Guide to Handling a Spontaneous Media Interview

What do you do when the news media suddenly knocks on your door regarding a hot news item? What if one or more members of the press wants a media interview? Without much notice they’re seeking your expert medical opinion or professional point of view. It’s useful for the media to know that you’re available. And they will respect the fact that you can provide useful authoritative information. Doesn’t happen in your little backyard? Actually, it does. There’s something of considerable local interest in the news all the time. A recent example was news of potentially contaminated drinking water on a school campus. Not surprisingly, students ... Read more

Community Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide to Engaging Your Neighborhood

Compared to other forms of marketing, community marketing doesn’t get a lot of attention or even respect. In fact, truth be told, I’m a digital marketer at heart, and until a few weeks ago I really didn’t appreciate its power either. My “awakening” came when I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a podcast with my boss, Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success, and his friend Matt Hall, Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Dental Services (PDS). During the podcast interview (see below for full podcast), Matt and Stewart had a lively discussion about how powerful–and fun–community marketing ... Read more

Your Next Medical Public Relations Disaster: Stolen Patient Records

It’s likely that your health system, hospital or practice will soon be the victim of a cyber crime. Your medical public relations disaster is not “if,” but “when.” The actual victims include patients and the loss of personal data. Compromised health record information is a medical public relations emergency waiting to happen. Your brand and marketing goodwill is vulnerable. That is, if it hasn’t happened already. Your patient electronic medical records (EMR) database is a prime target. Perhaps it was among the 100-million-plus health records already stolen. “Experts say healthcare record hacking is skyrocketing. It’s up an astounding 11,000 percent last year alone,” ... Read more

From Satisfaction to Surgery: Patient Experience Lessons from Hospital Refunds

Geisinger Health System (GHS) made the news a year ago with a ground breaking commitment to patient experience. GHS was the first hospital group to offer money-back refunds on their care…and with no questions asked. The retail world provides patient experience lessons. The program is for “patients whose experiences and expectations were not met with kindness and compassion.” Plus, it goes beyond questions of wait times or convenient parking. Geisinger “promises to refund copays for spine and bariatric surgery if customers are unhappy with outcomes,” according to US News. “A copay is the fixed fee that patients pay up front to doctors or hospitals for medical care,” US News reports. “Geisinger’s decision ... Read more

Public Service Announcements: 7 Ways to Leverage Healthcare PSAs

Hospitals, as well as some medical practices, can use public service announcements (PSAs) to communicate “messages in the public interest.” The good new and the bad news about creating a public service announcement is that it’s free. Well…that is to say, it’s nearly free. There’s no charge for any broadcast time or print ad space, which can be a big slice of a paid advertising budget. There is at least a modest cost to create, duplicate and distribute the community-service messages. Unlike paid advertising, the PSA tradeoff means you have virtually no control of the schedule. The time, frequency and/or duration of ... Read more

Leading Healthcare Marketing Agency Moves To Inspiring New Office Space

Recent Agency Growth Has Led Healthcare Success, LLC to Find a New Home Designed for Collaboration and Creating Impactful Campaigns. IRVINE, Calif., (May 16, 2016) – Healthcare Success, LLC, one of the nation’s leading advertising agencies for hospitals and medical groups has moved to a new office space located at 2860 Michelle Drive, Suite 230, Irvine, CA, 92606. The new space was designed specifically for Healthcare Success with the goal of fostering greater team cohesiveness and further enhancing efficiencies within the agency. “Over the last year, we’ve expanded our team considerably and our old space didn’t fit our needs anymore. The ... Read more

Another Hospital PR Case: When Media Relations Go Sour

[Second of two parts] If you have not already done so, please read our previous post, Hospital PR Case Examples: One Bizarre, One Just Crazy about the hospital cyber-attack-for-ransom. This second case example is a different sort of hospital public relations (and media relations) squabble, between the local newspaper and the local hospital. Nobody wants to get into this sort of arm-wrestling match with the media, but this example provides additional lessons for those of us in hospital and healthcare communications. Here’s how this story unfolded: VALDOSTA, GEORGIA: It seems that The Valdosta Daily Times and the South Georgia Medical ... Read more

Two Hospital PR Case Examples: One Bizarre, One Just Crazy

[First of two parts] Two “PR-painful” news stories caught our attention recently. They are the kind of thing that makes the job of hospital public relations and community relations a challenge and headache…but, they illustrate why there are times that hospitals need professional help. For the hospitals involved— South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, GA, and Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles—the news ranged from bad to bizarre. Likely, the administrators, marketing managers, communications professionals and public relations executives are having a challenging time. So, for case examples and helpful lessons for all of us, imagine being greeted by these ... Read more

Live Music, The Opera and the Hospital for Children

Paul Rosen, MD A year ago, I had a chance meeting with OperaDelaware’s General Manager, Brendan Cooke. OperaDelaware is the 11th oldest opera company in the country, with offices just three miles from our front door at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE. Before long, Brendan and I were talking about the healing and transformational power of music. We asked ourselves, what it would be like if patients and families could listen to world-class opera during their hospital stay? Brendan was having performers come to town for Sunday afternoon performances. They needed to practice the Friday before. ... Read more