Video Testimonial Kiosk: A Hospital Marketing Idea That Speaks for Itself

testimonialsIn the greater Cincinnati area, The Christ Hospital Health Network has a novel idea to capture testimonial-type comments from patients, employees and friends. In fact, it’s a healthcare and hospital marketing idea that literally speaks for itself. (Really.) This idea may also be suitable for some group practices and other provider situations.

Here’s how it works in a snapshot. (Pun intended.)

A video kiosk is sort of an updated version of the automated “four-poses-for-a-quarter” vending booth that takes your picture, processes the black and white images, and slides out a strip of (often amusing) mug-shot images.

Take-your-own-portrait photo booths are iconic. You rarely see them these days, they’re no longer 25-cents, and digital photography has long since replaced chemical processing. Surprisingly, there’s a Photobooth Blog, although you just missed the International Photobooth Convention.

Nevertheless, the concept is still alive and well, but with a number of significant updates. Video recording kiosks have a new life at public and private events such as weddings, reunions, tributes and similar milestone gatherings.

They are available for rent for the occasion so that attendees can record a brief, best wishes message at the event. It’s sort of a personalized on-the-spot greeting card in a video format.

The Christ Hospital folks have adapted the idea, using a freestanding, interactive video kiosk to capture testimonial messages. It’s an easy to use means for people to “share their story.” It’s the kind of device that could be used in various hospital departments, at a community health fair, a medical association meeting or similar gathering.

The resulting video materials—in the person of patients and employees—are (with appropriate permissions and approvals, of course) useful for online and social media placement. No doubt you already appreciate how powerful and effective medical marketing testimonials can be.

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Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Healthcare Success
Stewart Gandolf, MBA, is CEO of Healthcare Success, a medical marketing and health care advertising agency. He is also a frequent writer and speaker. Most importantly, he is happily married and a "rock-n-roll daddy" to two wonderful girls.
Stewart Gandolf
Stewart Gandolf



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