6 Best Practice Traits You Want in a Healthcare Advertising Agency

From a five-mile-high perspective, there are two kinds of relationships between a client and a healthcare advertising agency. Let’s label the first type a “vendor” relationship. In this arrangement, the client—a medical practice or hospital, for example—intends to buy specific ad agency services much as they might order and restock surgical masks. Passive. Detached. Truly […]

Using Vine to Juice Up Your Hospital or Medical Marketing

You know Vine. It’s the micro-video-sharing service that hospitals and medical marketing folks can use for visual spice in social networks including Twitter and Facebook. When Vine first emerged many people wondered if there was a useful marketing purpose when confined to creating little looping video clips of less than six seconds. It’s probably the […]

Success Principles for Growing Your Healthcare Business

[Article Series: An excerpt from a forthcoming book by Mark Tager, MD, and Stewart Gandolf, MBA, for private practice physicians and healthcare administrators about reaching, recruiting and retaining private pay and elective care patients. Refer to our previous article on this topic titled: How to Grow Your Private Pay and Elective Care Business.] Launching an […]

Is Your Marketing Budget Too Wimpy to Be Competitive?  

There’s a famous line in the movie Jaws that you might recall. When Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) first comes face-to-face with the killer shark they’re hunting, he realizes: “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” It’s much like that in the real world when we hear about all the problems that doctors and hospitals […]

Animation: Captivating a Medical Marketing Audience

A message presented through animation captures attention, explains with clarity and often entertains. For certain situations, healthcare and hospital marketing can employ this unique creative approach to effective engagement and communications online. Guest Post by Dr. Manroop Takhar Let’s face it, communicating in the science-based world of medical marketing can sometimes be dry, clinical and […]

Write for Us: Share Your Proudest Marketing Moment

Long before “content marketing” and “guest post contributors” became the blazing hot buttons they are today, the Healthcare Success blog was a forum for sharing original, timely and informative articles. Our intent then, as now, was to leverage the considerable “marketing smarts” of our readers for the benefit of their professional colleagues. Guest articles from […]

Missed Appointments: Plugging Your Six-Figure Revenue Drain

Editor’s Note: Communications, such as appointment reminders, are often guided by HIPAA privacy rules, organizational policies and other regulations. Ideas presented in our Guest Post may vary in application according to the professional situation and circumstances. More information about Health Information Privacy under HIPAA is available at the US Department of Health & Human Services […]

6 Ways to Influence and Persuade with Social Proof

Social proof is a principle of influence and persuasion that can be highly effective in healthcare marketing. People want validation that they are making the right choice or proper decision and the actions of others like themselves is compelling guidance. Here’s how it works and ways to use it. There was an interesting item about […]

6 Tips to Refreshing Your Newsletter (Like We Did)

We’ve been working on redesigning and refreshing our marketing information newsletter. And since the subject of newsletter content and construction was top of mind for us, we wanted to share a few how-to tips about the process. Not long ago we conducted a Reader Survey that was open to our 15,000+ subscribers. The responses helped […]


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