The Medical Practice Marketing Link Between Word of Mouth and Your Front Door

I’m not about to short-change the power of Word-of-Mouth (WOM) advertising. It is still useful and effective in physician marketing, but in the digital age, it has become quite a different critter from its original form. Once upon a time (now past), every doctor’s mental book about how to market a medical practice professes that […]

Generating Measurable Results or Just “Doing Marketing?”

There’s nothing more satisfying in medical practice marketing than a program that produces measurable results. Attracting new patients or cases is usually the intent of external marketing, but the true, quantifiable pay-back is where Return-on-Investment (ROI) is calculated in “dollars in” divided by “dollars out.” This elementary concept is frequently overlooked or neglected. It’s frustrating […]

3 Adaptable Little Ideas to Add Spice and Life Your Big Picture Marketing Plan

By this time in the planning process, you’ve nailed all the big picture items for 2014. All your major building blocks—marketing plan, campaigns, goals and budget—are stacked, and the countdown to the New Year is ticking. What’s next we’ll call “adding icing to the cake.” Here’s a roundup of ideas that don’t qualify as major […]

The First 7 Marketing Audit Questions to Get You to the Next Level

Healthcare in general—and medical practice marketing in particular—has as an over-abundance of challenges these days. How do you move forward in spite of the competitive headwinds? How do you maximize your advertising Return-on-Investment? How do you shift from “get along” to “get ahead?” Where’s the path to increasing personal and professional satisfaction? How can we […]

The Sorry Solution: A Medical Practice PR Fire Extinguisher

There’s a temptation to forget that effective medical practice public relations begins and ends with the individual patient, client, consumer and/or customer. Although professional communicators use “mass media,” the essential mission of PR is far more singular…and it travels under the label of “customer service” or the “patient experience.” And lately we’ve observed how a […]

Hard-Dollar Reasons Why Physician Marketing Begins with Simply Being Liked

The core concepts of Likeonomics are so essential to successful healthcare branding and marketing that every doctor, dentist, physician, surgeon, provider (and their staff) will find value in this powerful little business book. Healthcare delivery is a highly personal transaction that primarily occurs while a provider and patient are face-to-face. And if this intersection does […]

How Tracking Increases Medical or Dental Practice Revenue

Frequently we discover a medical practice that is attempting to run a marketing program without tracking the source of new patients. They might as well be burning their hard-earned currency in a wastebasket. Without a tracking system in play there’s no definitive measure of results or any clear understanding for a medical or dental practice […]

Whacky or Wonderful? Making Gift-Giving Memorable in Medical Practice Marketing

What’s the worst holiday gift idea that you’ve ever seen given to a doctor’s office? What’s the best? We’d like to hear from you on this one. Right about now, medical practice administrators, physician liaison people, practice ambassadors,  physicians and hospital marketing executives are ramping up for the annual ritual of holiday gift giving. And there’s no […]

Hospital Marketing Lessons: Social Sins of Tweets and Twitter

When we compiled a list of reasons why people won’t “follow” someone on Twitter, we nearly ran out of paper. Twitter is an immensely popular social media, and for many hospital social media efforts, it can be a highly useful tool. Ask your followers about what they like and don’t like and you’re bound to […]


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