4 Smart Reasons to Finally Use Patient Email in Doctor Marketing

In a totally unscientific sample, about half of the doctor marketing business cards in front of me include a physician’s email address. The other half does not; those cards are silent about an email communications channel between the practice and the real world. And, I fear, that’s an unfortunate choice these days. Scientifically grounded studies […]

Telling Your Tale of Texting Technology: A Medical PR Opportunity

Hospitals—at least some hospitals—have a reputation for being laggards on the technology adoption curve. There’s some truth to that; after all, big medical devices have a big price tag and six- and seven-figure capital investments don’t happen weekly. But the truth is that many hospitals and group medical practices have discovered new ways to apply […]

Hospital Marketing Expands Mobile Health Promotion and Stretches Ad Budget, Too

Picture this… You hear a cellular ring tone going off with a loud, raspy, hacking “smoker’s cough” sound. It turns out that it’s a text message from the state Department of Health with an opt-in reminder about quitting smoking.   The coughing ring tone is optional, but cellphone text reminders are increasingly being used as […]


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