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Stewart GandolfBecause our firm’s principals are healthcare marketing thought leaders, we are uniquely qualified to deliver speeches on state-of-the art topics for your organization. What’s more, all of our speakers are both knowledgeable and dynamic.

Over the past twenty years our team has spoken at hundreds of venues to tens of thousands of doctors and healthcare executives.

Some of our recent speaking engagements and topics are listed below. See speaker bios here, and sample topic ideas here. For more information call (800) 656-0907.

Ion Solutions
“Why Skeptical Oncologists Must Embrace Marketing to Survive and Thrive.” Keynote speech, presented by Stewart Gandolf, MBA in St. Louis, MO on September 20, 2014 and in Scottsdale, AZ on October 18, 2014. Also presented by Lonnie Hirsch in Nashville, TN on Nov. 8, 2014.

Oncology Supply
“6 Essential Marketing Strategies Every Oncologist Should Know.” Breakout speech, presented by Lonnie Hirsch in St. Louis, MO on September 20, 2014 and by Lori Waltz in Scottsdale, AZ on October 18, 2014.

vegas cosmetic surgery
“What is Your Reputation in the Consumer Market?” by Kathy Gaughran, June 19, 2014, Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology conference, held at The Bellagio Resort.

cleveland clinic
“Perception is Reality: Marketing the Patient Experience,” by Stewart Gandolf, May 19, 2014 at Cleveland Clinic’s 2014 Patient Experience Empathy + Innovation Summit.

cleveland clinic
“Delivering on Your Promises: Exceeding expectations you create in marketing your Patient Experience,” by Lonnie Hirsch, May 19, 2014 at Cleveland Clinic’s 2014 Patient Experience Empathy + Innovation Summit.

“How Will Healthcare Reform Impact Medical Advertising?” by Stewart Gandolf, October 4, 2013, City Regional Magazine Association Fall Roundtable, Milwaukee, WI.

“How to Get Your Current Patients to Refer More,” Kathy Gaughran, June 27, 2013, and “Five Secrets to Converting Web Contacts,” Kathy Gaughran, June 28, 2013 at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2013, Bellagio, Las Vegas.

“Leverage Your Biggest Overhead Expense, Your Administrative Team,” (i.e., How to convert phone inquiries), Kathy Gaughran, April 30, 2013, AAOE Annual Conference in San Diego.

“How to Attract Patients From the Internet” Advance Publications. Stewart Gandolf presented this webinar on February 13, 2013.

“Optimizing Patient Loyalty Through Social Networking.” Kathy Gaughran, NCOFS Dental Fest & Expo 2013, San Diego, CA, February 8, 2013.

cleveland clinic
Stewart Gandolf, MBA, spoke on the social media panel at Cleveland Clinic’s 2012 Patient Experience Summit, May 20, 2012.

Stewart Gandolf led a webinar version of our popular white paper, the “7 Deadly Sins of Healthcare Marketing” for the Ohio MGMA on May 12, 2012.

Multi-Specialty Foundation, June 7 and 8, Kathy Gaughran spoke on “How to Get Your Current Patients to Refer More” and “How to Promote Your Practice Online.”

American Association of Orthopedic Executives, May 22, 2012, Stewart Gandolf, “Importance of Marketing in Building a Physician Referral Network.”

THE Aesthetic Show, Aria Resort, April, 15, 2012, Stewart Gandolf spoke on, “Using Local Media Outlets to Build Your Practice.” Kathy Gaughran spoke about, “How to Get Patients in the Front Door.”

“The Cosmetic Industry’s Fatal Marketing Flaw,” Healthcare Success’ Staff Trainer led this webinar for Syneron, February, 2012

Educating Patients on the Consequences of Malocclusion 45-minute instructional DVD written, produced and directed by Healthcare Success. Released January, 2011.

“Advanced Technologies & Clinical Pearls For Aesthetic Laser Users.” Kathy Gaughran was a featured panelist at this June 11, 2011 user’s group meeting.

Clemson University
“Get Your Burning Marketing Questions Answered.” Effective Seminar/Conference Marketing. Chicago: August 30-31, 2011. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Effective Internet Marketing.” Syneron Users Meeting. Los Angeles: March 12, 2011. Kathy Roy Gaughran.

Pedorthic Assoc. of CA
“Marketing and Sales Solutions for 2011.” Ottawa, Canada: March 26, 2011. Steve Smith.

Orange County Dental Society
“You’ve Got It – Now Flaunt It. Marketing Your Brand.” Orange County, CA: February 9, 2011. Stewart Gandolf, MBA

“Advanced Marketing Strategies.” American College of Prosthodontists Annual Session. Orlando, FL: November 6, 2010. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

Elevation Research
“How to Win Patients From the Internet.” Webinar: November 1, 2010. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Ten Seconds to Great Customer Service.” Austin, TX: September 2010. Steve Smith.

“First and 10.” Invisalign. Los Angeles, CA: April 28, 2010. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

Henry Schein
“7 Fastest and Easiest Ways to Increase Your Practice Profits.” Henry Schein Medical, Privileges Webinar. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

Healthcare Success
“Advanced Healthcare Marketing Strategies.” Every month at venues nationwide. Stewart Gandolf, MBA, and Lonnie Hirsch.

“How to Increase Your Invisalign Case Acceptance.” This 47-minute training DVD debuted at the Align National Sales Meeting on January 20, 2010 in Boca Raton, FL. Written, produced and directed by Stewart Gandolf, MBA; narrated by Lonnie Hirsch.

Henry Schein
“7 Mistakes Doctors Make When Trying to Win New Patients From the Internet.” Henry Schein sponsored webinar, November 17, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

ACP 39th
“7 Ways to Win Implants and Other Highly Desirable Cases.” American College of Prosthodontists, 2009 Annual Session, Private Practice Workshop Panelist. San Diego, CA: November 7, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

AAOE logo
“Secrets to Overcoming the 4 Leading Ophthalmic Marketing Obstacles.” American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives Annual Meeting. San Francisco: October 26, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

ACP logo
“Marketing Your Prosthodontic Practice.” Philadelphia: September 25-26, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA and Lonnie Hirsch.

“Media Windfall Opportunities for Aesthetic Practices Created By the Recession” The Aesthetic Show. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas: June 7, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA. (See this speech, Part 1 and Part 2.)

Henry Schein
“Build Your Revenues and Profits Through Ancillary Services.” Webinar originally presented on August 27, 2009, sponsored by Henry Schein Medical. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

Recession DVD
“17 Healthcare Marketing Secrets to Win New Patients Now, Despite the Recession.” DVD originally released July 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Media Windfall Opportunities for Aesthetic Practices Created By the Recession,” The Aesthetic Show. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas: June 7, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

Multi Specilaty Foundation
“5 Secrets to Leveraging Maximum Buying Power with Your Media Project.” Multi Specialty Foundation, Facial Cosmetic Surgery. The Bellagio, Las Vegas: June 5, 2009. Lonnie Hirsch.

“External Advertising.” Certified Aesthetic Consultant Training Program, as Faculty Advisor for The Aesthetic Practice Association. May, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA

Physicians Practice
“Do online rankings matter?” Interviewed and quoted for the article featured in Physicians Practice. April, 2009. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Essentials for Developing an Effective Marketing Plan.” VNUS Webinars. March 31 and April 2, 2009. Lonnie Hirsch.

“Advanced Marketing Strategies For Successful Practices.” American Academy of Ophthalmology. Atlanta: November 11, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Secret Strategies To Win Patients From the Internet.”: CEA Dental. San Diego, CA: November 7-8, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“How to Market Your Practice in Tough Economic Times.” American College of Prosthodontists. Annual Session. Nashville, TN: October 29, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA & Lonnie Hirsch

“Ideas for Additional Revenue.” Physicians Practice Magazine, Live Audio Webinar. September 17, 2008. Lonnie Hirsch.

“Doctors Will LOVE You When You Show Them New Ways to Make Money.” Healthcare Communications & Marketing Association. Dallas, TX: June 5, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Top 10 Ways To Market & Grow Your Practice.” Pri-Med West. Anaheim, CA: May 16, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“How To Become Super Successful, Super Fast.” Presented during Bank of America’s special section for new practitioners. CDA South, Anaheim, CA: May 2, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“7 Secrets to Tastefully Grow Your Practice and Profits – Despite Phoenix’s Competitive Marketplace.” Ritz Carlton, Phoenix, AZ: March 13, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA and Bob House

“How to Avoid the 7 Most Expensive (and Embarrassing) Marketing Mistakes Medical Practitioners Make Every Day.” Webinar. January 23, 2008. Stewart Gandolf, MBA

“10 Ways to Increase Your Sales by Helping Your Physician Customers Grow Their Practices.” HIDA. Boston, MA: September 15, 2007. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Physician Practice Marketing: Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line.” HCMarketplace. July 18, 2007. Conference call. Lonnie Hirsch.

“Untapped Power: Increasing Primary Care Practice Revenues by Effectively Mining Your Established Patient Base.” Pri-Med West. Anaheim, CA: May, 2007. Lonnie Hirsch.

“Marketing Elective and Cash Services Through a Primary Care Practice.” Pri-Med West. Anaheim, CA: May, 2007. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Adding Elective and/or Cash Services Profitably and Easily in Your Practice.” Central Massachusetts Independent Physicians Association. Boston, MA: May 2007. Lonnie Hirsch.

“Marketing Essentials.” MGMA Sacramento Section, Live via conference call on April 11, 2007. Lonnie Hirsch.

“Physician Practice Marketing: Strategies to boost your bottom line.” HCPRO, Audio Conference. July 18, 2007. Lonnie Hirsch.

“5 Profit Boosting Marketing Strategies Physicians Almost Always Miss.” Physicians Practice, Conference Call recorded February 15, 2006. Lonnie Hirsch.

“27 Proven Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Practice Profits.” 8-CD set. Stewart Gandolf, MBA, and Lonnie Hirsch.

The Foundation For Facial Plastic Surgery. Newport Beach, CA. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. San Diego, CA. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

The Foundation For Facial Plastic Surgery, Newport Beach, CA. Lonnie Hirsch.

Mentor Corporation. Santa Barbara, CA. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.

“Combining Good Medicine with Good Business.” National Medical Association National Conference. Honolulu, HI. Lonnie Hirsch.

Lumenis Corporation. Newport Beach, CA. Stewart Gandolf, MBA.
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