Get Noticed and Maximize Your Success.

Healthcare organizations—hospitals, physician groups, imaging centers, device makers and others—are in many ways similar to other businesses when it comes to advertising. When done right, running ads can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Attract new and different constituents (customers, patients, referrers, partners, etc.)
  • Establish or revitalize a brand
  • Increase marketplace awareness of your brand

The trick, of course, is doing it right… and remembering that medical providers have plenty of important differences from other types of advertisers.

Achieving Advertising Success by Knowing What Works.

At Healthcare Success, our approach to advertising is based on decades of experience… and knowing what works. Our clients include providers of all types and in marketplaces that are unique and competitive. A comprehensive and cost-effective plan may include Internet advertising, direct mail, magazine, newspaper and print placement, broadcast/radio/TV, media buying and out-of-home advertising.

Our strategists, account managers, media planners, writers, designers and video- and radio-production teams have created and implemented thousands of effective, successful messages and materials for many years. As a result, we have a mature, complex and thorough understanding of how to create a compelling brand and marketing message that drives maximum response.

Plan, Create and Run Ads That Get Results.

So, where should your ad run? How often? When? What should it say? How should it be said? What is known to get results? To not get results? How to adjust your message for your different audiences? How can your ads outperform the competition?

Let Us Help You Advertise Effectively

Healthcare advertising is highly effective… when it’s done right. At Healthcare Success, we bring together a team of seasoned ad professionals to ensure that your brand and message are advertised appropriately and effectively.

For more information about our medical advertising services and how we can help you run effective, targeted ads to achieve measurable results, call us today at (800) 656-0907.


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