doing well while doing good

Doing Well While Doing Good

This item is about a dentist, but it’s a local television PR example that could be used by any profession, hospital or healthcare entity.

It’s known as the City of Brotherly Love, and the CBS television station in Philadelphia runs a regular segment in the news with the same name. It’s an ongoing feature that covers the good things that people are doing in the area.

Good timing is important in dental marketing and public relations, and Thanksgiving week was the ideal time for Brotherly Love to spotlight the community spirit and good works of a local dentist.

Dr. Kenneth Pakman, a general dentist in suburban Hatboro, PA, is giving back to the community – helping his patients and supporting the nearby food bank. There are no strings attached, according to Dr. Pakman. Here’s how the two-part program works.

First, patients can get their teeth cleaned for a low rate ($49 instead of the usual $180), and the practice will make a contribution to the food bank. And, second, people can donate canned goods. The food and money goes to Manna on Main Street in nearby Lansdale. Their program continues through the month of December, by the way. Take a couple minutes to watch the Brotherly Love feature about Dr. Pakman.

It’s good dental marketing and public relations that ties into the holiday spirit. Healthcare marketing, public relations and communications specialists will notice that the television station asks viewers to suggest others in the community who are “spreading brotherly love.”

It’s likely that there’s a similar news feature in your television market. Many stations devote time to good news items and will solicit nominations for coverage of local good citizens or hometown heroes. A good story idea from any healthcare profession, hospital or medical industry will get an editor’s attention…if it’s interesting.

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Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf

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Stewart Gandolf
Stewart Gandolf


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