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We Specialize in Delivering Patients to Your Hospital’s High Priority Service Lines

Healthcare marketing is all we do. It’s all about helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations get (and retain) more patients.

Traditional advertising agencies (even many that claim to specialize in healthcare) work in multiple industries and focus most of their energies on being “creative” or “clever” with the goal of building a “brand.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. We brand clients all the time, and we like to be creative, too. But that isn’t what makes us special.

What sets us apart with our hospital marketing services is that we we specialize in delivering patients to your high priority service lines… and in keeping them coming back. Our focus is your bottom-line results.

More than just a clever campaign…

You see, we’re not just an advertising agency.

We’re a healthcare marketing company. That means we look at the bigger picture. We’re here to educate you on “best-practices” marketing strategies for the healthcare industry—including hospitals, health systems and physicians, to consult on new initiatives, and to train your staff on how to attract and keep patients.

And yes, we can also help you develop a full range of advertising and marketing materials for hospitals—all designed to be profitable from the get-go.

Start with our educational programs…

We offer regular educational seminars that have been attended by the Mayo Clinic, HCA Healthcare, University of Michigan Health System and many others. Our seminars can teach you how to deal with many marketing issues on your own. You’ll learn what has worked time and again to attract patients… and what you should avoid.

Call on us for Hospital Marketing consulting and staff training

Plus, we offer hands-on consulting and training services whereby we work directly with you and your staff to ensure the results you’re looking for. What’s more, oftentimes we begin our engagements with a hospital marketing plan.

Too often, hospitals and healthcare organizations create and launch a marketing program forgetting that there is a human element needed to make it successful. Our training programs will have your staff on-board and ready to work with the influx of new patients so that your efforts are successful and profitable.

Advertising for traditional media and the Internet

Finally, if you’re looking for that overall branding for your hospital or healthcare organization, or for a single department, we have the world-class creative talent to help you, too. But expect advertising that goes beyond a snappy headline and actually motivates patients to choose your facility.

20 years experience marketing thousands of healthcare clients

While our experience includes Fortune 500 corporations and ad agencies like J. Walter Thompson, the reality is that many of our clients are group practices and private practitioners.

Therefore, we’ve had to figure out how to develop effective, ethical hospital advertising and marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost of what a more traditional ad agency would charge you. That means your bottom line will benefit right from the start.

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This post was written by Stewart Gandolf