Medical Spas: Market Effectively to Succeed Optimally

Compete and Thrive with Strategic Advertising and Marketing

Medical Spas are an elective form of care, which is a very different reality from other types of medical and healthcare providers. Patients pay out-of-pocket for many services, and they have very different expectations than they do of other physicians/providers. This requires running the practice much more like a high-end retail business, as you already know (albeit with the special obligations and standards associated with providing medical care). Well, the same is true for how you communicate your brand.

Get Noticed, Appeal Effectively and Drive Response

Your med spa’s image and message must appeal to a higher-end audience. They must speak to these people’s needs and sensibilities. They must convince your prospective clients that you provide something different and better. Your brand and messaging must also, and ultimately, convince them to choose your care, services, people, atmosphere and approach over that of your competitor. But first, your brand has to be noticed, and your message needs to be heard.

At Healthcare Success, our marketing professionals have more than 20 years’ experience helping healthcare practices promote their services effectively, differentiate themselves from the competition and increase caseloads, revenues and client/patient trust. Because you’re promoting elective, cash-pay services, we help you market like a retailer… with sound, proven strategies that are known to get results.

Proven Strategies Designed for Your Unique Needs

Your audience has high expectations and many different options. This means that external marketing—including advertising and a strong Internet strategy—should be considered. Also, public relations and outreach may be wise. And medical spas should develop a refined image and cultivated rapport with their existing clients. By carefully auditing and analyzing every aspect of your med spa, we’re able to recommend these and other proven strategies and comprehensive tactics to help you market successfully and achieve your goals.

Define, Differentiate and Distinguish Your Med Spa Practice

One key reason for marketing and advertising, in any circumstance, is to explain why your enterprise is different or better than its competitors. But for medical spas, there is the added burden of explaining—quickly, clearly and compellingly—how your med spa differs from others.

“Medical Spa” is not a defined term. In fact, it is more confusing than clarifying, as it covers a wide variety of services, capabilities and client expectations. The medical spa down the road may offer few of the services you provide while still having a competitive brand and message. At the same time, you may be in fierce competition with a traditional physician who has effectively expanded and marketed med-spa services. And every med spa is in competition with the public’s widely varying perceptions of what a “med spa” is.

Achieve Success with Ethical, Evidence-Based Marketing

In truth, every medical spa is unique, from its range of services to its people, philosophy and style. Our marketing and advertising professionals combine vast experience and our unique evidence-based marketing method to tailor specific strategies and tactics to help your med spa to…

  • Create a strong, recognizable and compelling brand
  • Update its existing brand, messaging & advertising
  • Attract more clients/patients
  • Overcome competitive (and other) challenges
  • Change your case mix
  • Implement new programs/services
  • Much more

For more information about how our experienced professionals and ethical, evidence-based method of marketing can help your medical spa compete, thrive and flourish, call us today at (800) 656-0907.

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