Advertising and Marketing for Cosmetic Surgery Practices

Stand Out and Achieve Success with Effective Strategies

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Cosmetic surgery advertising and marketing are much more intrinsic, necessary and important than they are for other types of physicians and surgeons.

However they refer to themselves—plastic surgeons, esthetic surgeons, etc —cosmetic surgeons are in a consumer-direct business. They’re also in a competitive, cash-based business.

Cosmetic Surgeons Must Stand Out from The Competition

So marketing and advertising—and publicity—are essential for cosmetic surgeons to get noticed, stand out and overcome the challenges that are unique to the specialty and to the individual surgeon.

Of course, this is understood and accepted by cosmetic surgery practices, whose survival and success depend on being chosen over the competition. The real question is this: How do you market well to achieve your specific goals and maintain and enhance your reputation?

Marketing for Success by Following the Evidence

At Healthcare Success, we take an evidence-based approach to developing a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that delivers the results cosmetic surgeons are looking for. Here’s how:

Know what works – With more than 20 years of direct experience, our marketing and advertising professionals bring to your efforts the marketing experiences of numerous cosmetic surgery practices with a wide array of needs, situations and features/benefits.

Have a plan – Your cosmetic surgery advertising and marketing need to be carefully planned around strategies that are known to get results. At Healthcare Success, our strategic thinking takes into account every aspect of your practice, including thorough analysis of prior marketing, marketplace demographics, competitor marketing, detailed practice evaluation and more.

Implement and adhere to the plan – Our strategic marketing plan is tailored and highly specific to the needs of your cosmetic surgery practice, your marketplace, your objectives, etc. But it must be implemented effectively. The plan is otherwise only paper. We help you develop an implementation process that puts your plan to work, from the policies and procedures to the people and other resources that are vital to your marketing success.

Measure the results – We’ll help you develop a reliable method for evaluating the efficacy of your marketing and advertising efforts. The heart of our evidence-based marketing system is to test, track and adjust. Cosmetic surgery practices, like any other enterprise so utterly dependent on the clarity and effectiveness of marketing messages, must know what is and isn’t working (and why) and then make adjustments based on that intelligence.

Helping Cosmetic Surgeons Compete… and Win

While some cosmetic surgeons enjoy little direct competition, particularly in rural markets, most esthetic surgery practices are certainly contending with a number of competitors. If not another cosmetic surgeon down the road, the competition can be other specialties or providers offering alternative—often less invasive—options. Today, many cosmetic surgery practices are competing with the recessed economy. Others are competing with preconceptions or specific marketing or business challenges.

At Healthcare Success, experience has taught us that challenges are opportunities. It has also taught us specific strategies for overcoming specific problems. Over the years, our marketing and advertising professionals have learned much about esthetic surgery. And we stay on top of the new developments and ever-changing reality of cosmetic surgery (and cosmetic surgery advertising and marketing).

By doing this, we’re able to tailor marketing/advertising strategies and tactics to your unique needs. We may recommend a strategy based on the growing desire to look good on video chat, unless it isn’t appropriate in your marketplace. We know ways to help cosmetic surgeons compete with “lifestyle” lifts and noninvasive/minimally invasive therapies. And we know how to discuss revision surgeries, neuromodulators and fillers, fat grafting and the other details that matter to the highly informed, driven cosmetic surgery patient.

Achieve your cosmetic surgery business objectives through effective, strategic and evidence-based marketing and advertising… and public relations. Call us at (800) 656-0907.

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