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Generally speaking, many of the dermatologists who come to us are already busy, and therefore they tend to want to aim their marketing and advertising at improving their mix of cases rather than simply increasing their numbers of new patients.

These doctors usually say something like, “I already have plenty of patients, but I want to spend a higher percentage of my time on better paying cases.” Not all providers are aware that they can influence their patient mix between general and aesthetic cases for example. Or perhaps they tend to be “across the board” in terms of the type of practice they wish to create.

Still other physicians are interested in building a traditional practice that draws in 100 percent medically necessary cases. (Oftentimes providers in this category have special training or interests, such as Mohs surgery.) Others simply want to see cases that ultimately will require procedures that reimburse well.

Some say they enjoy aesthetic cases, or they slant their advertising effort toward cosmetic procedures or cases. They may go so far as to close their traditional practice in order to open a medical spa (medi-spa). Of course the elective care and cosmetic realm is an extremely crowded field, and competition with both dermatologists and many other specialists is challenging.

Still, the majority want to be somewhere in the middle. Typical of that, one provider we worked recently with told us, “I don’t want to give up traditional medicine. After all, I am a doctor and my community needs me. Still, today 20 percent of my revenue comes from aesthetics, and 80 percent comes from traditional cases. I want to reverse those percentages, and maybe hire an associate to take over the bread-and-butter stuff.”

The most important thing we have noticed working with dermatology practices over the past 20-plus years is that every physician is unique in his or her goals, marketplace, budget, personality, interests, etc. The bottom line here is that each practice needs a customized marketing approach that is tailored to the interests and goals of the physician (or group). A “one-size-fits-all” approach to advertising and PR doesn’t work.

So, whether you want to focus your efforts on attracting traditional, medically-based dermatologic cases, want to build a 100 percent aesthetic practice, or want to build something in between, we can help you.

Along the way, we’ll help you get off the insurance-based treadmill, and at the same time help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money on ill advised and poorly executed marketing efforts.

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