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Gastroenterology Marketing

Gastroenterologists face unique marketing and advertising hurdles in building a medical specialty. For over 20 years, we’ve helped design long-term, strategic marketing campaigns to overcome challenges and achieve unprecedented success.

Designed for your gastroenterology practice, we create a differentiating brand identity and a specific marketing and advertising plan. The right plan, the right tactics and the right budget for ethical and cost-effective results.

Many doctors have expressed concerns about how to more effectively compete with surgeons and other specialists who offer digestive health services, liver disease and outpatient endoscopy centers. Challenges include communicating your special expertise, your thoroughness, extending your reputation, attracting primary care referrals and inspiring patient referrals.

What’s more, virtually all gastroenterologists are frustrated by lower reimbursement levels and rising medical costs. When it comes to day-to-day work schedules, many GI specialists express the desire to treat specific types of digestive disorders—such as Crohne’s Disease IBD and GERD—as well as certain procedures, such as screening colonoscopies. Healthcare Success will create your unique value proposition, the cornerstone of reaching specialized audience groups.

Practitioners agree that a big part of their success depends on doctor referrals and a customized marketing strategy targets new referrals and keeps current and past referrals coming in.

Achieve greater success with your gastroenterology practice.

The right marketing plan engages patients, builds relationships and engenders trust by patients and referring professions. Trust and confidence are important considerations when procedures such as screening colonoscopies are generally feared and avoided in spite of the media coverage and risk of colon cancer.

Creating a website is great, but in order for a practice to be successful, the Internet and digital media must be one component of a larger promotional and PR plan that optimizes your overall marketing strategy and strongly differentiates you from the competition.

Let’s talk about highly effective marketing strategies that bring you the patients and cases you want.
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