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General Surgery Marketing

General surgery is a collegial profession. As a general surgeon, you’re operating on someone else’s patient. Your colleagues—physicians at the hospital, referring doctors—are therefore vital to your practice’s success, and your reputation is… well, everything.

So, marketing for a general surgery practice, whether solo or group, must enhance reputation and concentrate on establishing and enhancing physician-referral relationships. General surgeons need to have a coherent and compelling message, deliver it effectively to their audience and convince them to refer patients.

But how do you do this? When and where? Can advertising help? Are public relations effective? How do you best design and implement a physician-liaison program to maximize your professional referrals?

Tailoring Effective Strategies for Your Maximum Success

At Healthcare Success, our experienced marketing professionals understand general surgery and the specialized circumstances, challenges and needs inherent in marketing surgery. We understand what is happening to surgery reimbursements. We know how to help surgeons develop niche programs—even separate business units, when appropriate—to further differentiate themselves and capture more desirable cases, including varicose vein ablations and bariatric surgery.

Of course, what is best for your general surgery practice is not the same as what is best for another surgeon. Each practice has a unique set of circumstances, objectives, strengths, etc. that affect the strategies our experienced consultants will recommend. So we take a scientific approach to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing… and the success of your practice.

Scientific Marketing Designed to Achieve Your Goals

Using an evidence-based approach, we start by knowing what works. We conduct a thorough evaluation of all aspects of the general surgery practice or group and analyze its various challenges, opportunities, threats and strengths. After that, we craft a detailed strategic marketing plan based on our experience not only with surgeons but with the various medical specialties on which they depend for referrals.

Healthcare Success’ team also helps you implement this marketing plan and maximize its success with training programs, marketing production professionals, ongoing consultation and more. Most importantly, we help general surgery practices track the results of their marketing efforts, the critical step that helps us know what is and isn’t working so that we can make changes to achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Services for General Surgeons

In addition to providing a customized strategic marketing plan, we offer a comprehensive array of marketing and advertising services designed to achieve each general surgery practice’s unique goals. Here are just some of the many services we provide for surgical practices of all shapes and sizes:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Branding & response-oriented messaging
  • Development of practice liaison program to build referrals
  • Staff and practice liaison training
  • Publicity / public relations
  • Print collateral (marketing pieces)
  • External advertising (newspaper, print, radio, television, billboards, etc.)
  • Internal marketing to maximize patient referrals

To learn how general surgery practices can overcome their challenges, surpass their competitors and market themselves successfully while maintaining good ethics and enhancing their reputation, call us today at (800) 656-0907.

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