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Internal Medicine Marketing

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One of the marketing challenges in the practice of internal medicine is effectively communicating your range of capabilities to each of your distinct “customer” groups. These target audiences—which likely include adult healthcare patents, prospective patients, other physicians, health plans, employers and the community—need to hear a distinct and differentiating message that sets you apart from the competition.

What’s more, your marketing and advertising plan needs to be a custom fit for a solo practitioner, group or multi-specialty practice, a hospitalist or an employed-physician situation.

Perhaps patients see you as their primary care provider but don’t have a clear awareness of what internal medicine includes, your range of service capabilities or even what an internist does.

Many people are unaware of why, when and how to seek an internist for adult healthcare for routine to chronic medical concerns. Plus, as the nation’s population grows older, there is increasing need for diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other problems.

What’s more, some providers find it difficult to communicate a cohesive branding message that distinguishes their services and healthcare capabilities as uniquely different from the competition.

And in spite of workload increases and longer hours, internists have experienced declining compensation, especially relative to other specialists, along with lower reimbursements and rising costs.

Without compromising your ethics or integrity, we’ve designed evidence-based marketing strategies that allow your internal medicine practice to attract higher-paying cases, whether that means ancillary, diagnostic, reimbursable, cash-based or elective.

Most successful internists are successful because they planned it that way. A precision approach distinguishes your brand in the mind of the public, answers increased competition in the marketplace, attracts the patients and cases that you want, and educate referring physicians and the general public about your wide range of services.

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