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Many of the OB/GYN practitioners who have come to us over the years share the same marketing and advertising concerns and challenges. They face tough competition from hospitals and women’s health centers, or their promotional message is less than effective.

Add to this their dissatisfaction with the level and timeliness of reimbursements and rising medical costs and overhead. As women’s healthcare evolves, we see many obstetricians and gynecologists who are ready to make changes in their practice.

Some are transitioning away from obstetrics to avoid high malpractice insurance premiums or to simply enjoy more free time without the untimely interruption of delivery calls. Others want to encompass growth, areas such as laparoscopy, cosmetic gynecology, cryoblation, incontinence, Essure™ and others. For that matter, some women continue with the practice as a primary care provider.

The majority of doctors who come to us want to communicate a caring and compassionate brand message that strongly differentiates themselves from everyone else. They want to grow by winning new doctor referrals, maintain current referral channels and recapture referral sources that have slipped away.

Male OB/GYNs need better ways to overcome the barriers between themselves and female patients, who often show preference for female OB/GYNs. And female physicians often strive to find a better balance between their work schedules and time spent with their own family.

While the Internet gives consumers an important and convenient way to search for a provider, you can’t rely on a website alone. It takes a savvy Internet marketing strategy to reach patients and compel them to call you.

We know it’s vital to distinguish your brand and reputation in a way that builds trust and inspires patient and professional referrals. It’s also increasingly important to reach women in the workplace, to ethically raise your visibility with direct marketing and to extend your presence in the medical community through practice representatives.

So whether you want to market to win more doctor referrals, transition to other areas, overcome marketplace disadvantages, differentiate yourself from the competition or simply get more patients to call you, we’re here to help with a customized and successful OB/GYN marketing and advertising plan that works for you.

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