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For oncologists and hematologists, advertising and marketing are not the first things that come to mind when confronting the typical — and the very specific and unique — challenges of running a cancer practice. But it’s no secret that many oncology practices and groups are using marketing and advertising strategies very effectively to enhance their reputation, help more patients and achieve their goals.

At the same time, many cancer-care physicians and practices also recognize the need to market in order to compete and thrive… without having the experience, know-how or support to devise and implement effective strategies.

Evidence-Based Care Supported by Evidence-Based Marketing.

Whether medical, radiological, interventional or surgical, oncology care is as information-based as it is vital to patients’ survival and/or quality of life. Oncologists/hematologists must be rooted in the science, both longstanding and leading-edge, in order to offer patients their best hope.

At Healthcare Success, we know that the effective marketing of cancer-care providers — solo, group, multispecialty facilities, comprehensive cancer centers — is every bit as dependent on information… and the scientific method.

Know What Works When Marketing Oncology Care.

With more than 20 years’ experience, our marketing strategies and consultants have learned thousands of lessons about what does and does not work in healthcare marketing. These lessons are at the heart of our scientific approach to helping oncology practices of all types and sizes and in all types of marketplaces market successfully.

Because we’ve worked with virtually every medical specialty, including medical and radiation oncologists, we understand the unique challenges these doctors face. And we’ve developed and tested strategies and tactics — and a comprehensive range of marketing and advertising services — for a huge range of problems, competitive situations, audience types and objectives.

Individualized Strategies and Tactics Designed around Your Needs.

The next step in our evidence-based approach to marketing is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your practice or group. Our objective is to combine our thorough understanding of successful medical and oncology marketing with an equally complete knowledge of every aspect of your oncology practice.

Are you a medical oncologist seeking to increase professional referrals? Is your radiation oncology practice trying to attract patients directly rather than depend on referrals from medical oncologists? Is your practice combining with another? Are you facing new or increasing competition? Do you need a practice-liaison program in place? (Hint: You likely do! So, how to do it right?)

Develop a Strategic Plan and Track Its Results.

Whatever your practice’s needs, our evidence-based approach strives to overcome your unique challenges and achieve your unique goals. We do this by developing a strategic marketing plan customize with strategies and tactics we know work for practices like yours with similar challenges and objectives. Our strategists and consultants also empower your practice to implement and adhere to the plan.

As with the science of medicine, our evidence-based approach depends on measuring the success of each marketing strategy and tactic. Our professionals will help you create the infrastructure and processes needed to track the response to your marketing, advertising, public relations, Internet traffic and more. Tracking is vital to knowing what works, and they are how you and we continue learning about what methods do and don’t work.

Enhancing Your Reputation with Ethical Marketing Strategies.

As specialized physicians, oncologists understand that their reputation is their number-one asset and marketable value. At Healthcare Success, we also understand this. And, as healthcare marketing veterans, our consultants and creatives are always focused on enhancing clients’ reputations. For these reasons, we devise marketing strategies that deliver your message and achieve your goals ethically.

To learn more about our ethical, experienced and evidence-based approach to marketing for oncologists, call us today at (800) 656-0907.

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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”
– Jonathan Calure, MD, Maryland Vein Professionals

"You guys are blowing me away with the quality, commitment and passion of your collective work!”
– Dr. Mark Kim, Vein Specialist; Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics

"I want to thank Healthcare Success for suggesting our first free monthly varicose vein screenings for my Mt. Vernon office in October 2013. Thank you for coordinating all of the details with the media of this two-day event, as well as the launch of my new website in early December. You’ve already helped me attract new patients that I otherwise would never have attracted to my practice and met. Long-term, I’m convinced that this strategy will help grow my business as we host future screenings in all of our offices during 2014.”
- James Robelen, MD, Medical Director, Southern Illinois Vein Center, Marion, IL

“Healthcare Success is bringing new patients to our practice. In January 2013, they began managing all of our marketing including media (radio and TV), print (newspaper), and digital (website, blog, newsletter and PPC). We are seeing fantastic results. In April 2013, we scheduled 90% more new patients than our monthly average and 55% more than we scheduled last April. The Healthcare Success team is cooperative, quick to respond to our needs, and attentive to our bottom line. I can recommend them without reservations.”
– Neal Reynolds, MD, The Vein Center, Columbia SC

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The seminar provides tested strategies and exposes you to multiple viewpoints that help you round out your marketing strategies and take it to the next level. My relationship with the experts at Healthcare Success is one of the most valuable professional relationships I have.”
– Erin Franklin, Marketing Director, Chicago Vein Institute

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