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Ophthalmology Marketing

Experienced Ophthalmology & LASIK Marketing Experts Deliver Success

For more than 20 years, ophthalmologists and vision surgery practices have relied on our marketing expertise to help them ethically grow their business, even in the face of tough competition.

Individual practitioners, group practices and multi-location eye care facilities deeply appreciate the benefits of professional ophthalmology marketing and advertising services. Healthcare Success is their reliable resource for confronting the unique challenges of the marketplace, and for effectively attracting the referrals, patients and cases that they want.

We have partnered with providers and practices throughout the United States to successfully promote their vision care practices, attract vision correction patients, and extend their brand recognition and professional reputation in the community.

Informed patients have choices…

Advances in medical science, surgery and vision-care technologies provide practitioners with an expanding range of services for informed patients. These include treatment or procedures related to cataracts, cornea, glaucoma, LASIK, PRK laser, refractive surgery, retina, blepharoplasty and other oculoplastic surgeries.

We can design and implement marketing and advertising plans that channel prospective patients to your office by way of referrals from eye care professionals, and through external and internal strategies that promote services directly to the public.

What’s more, prospective patients are increasingly aware of having choices among qualified providers. And, in this highly competitive environment, it is essential for ophthalmologists to stand out from the crowd, and to communicate a positive brand message.

Ophthalmology practices often turn to Healthcare Success for value-driven branding solutions that provide a distinct differentiation in the marketplace. Brand recognition, in the battle for the mind of the public, is an important means of engagement and winning new patients, as well as establishing and growing professional reputation and recognition.

Answering the increasing competitive pressures…

The nation’s health care delivery systems are constantly changing. Among the dynamics of the marketplace, “big box” stores and other retail entities are carving a niche of market share by providing vision center services, staffed by optometrists, opticians and technicians.

Prospective patients and the general public—particularly individuals and cost-conscious families—are attracted to convenience and low price, and are drawn away from traditional vision health service channels.

For that matter, personal financial pressures (including employment and insurance) and “affordability” have forced some individuals and families to delay or avoid proper and necessary health care purchase decisions and elective care.

Your internet presence is your new front door…

Most people who are considering LASIK surgery (and other vision care services) nearly always turn to the Internet to research the procedure, investigate costs, and—ultimately—to choose a surgeon.

Successful practices recognize that their online presence is their new front door. This can include a contemporary website, marketing-smart Facebook pages, content-rich blog, informative social media and other marketing tools.

Our experience demonstrates that ophthalmology practices that do not have a compelling and informative presence online are simply invisible to the prospective patient.

Creating an effective professional referral system…

Many ophthalmology practices rely on the lifeblood of a continuing revenue stream through professional referrals. Healthcare Success can devise and institute a reliable professional referral system that protects and preserves your existing referral base.

In addition, a custom-fit service plan and ongoing representation in the field will foster new relationships and resources that help you win new business referrals in the future.

A professional plan for professional success…

A sophisticated, integrated and effective ophthalmology marketing plan optimizes the way you reach prospective patients, build relationships and ultimately capture referrals, patients and the cases that you want.

Our experience in healthcare marketing—and in particular, partnering for success with ophthalmologists across the nation—provides you with proven, ethical and highly effective strategies and tactics that deliver measurable results.



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