Advertising and Marketing for Pain Management Practices.

Reach Your Audience and Grow, Scientifically and Ethically.

Pain Management Marketing

Pain management is a special case in medicine. And in healthcare marketing.

Pain is a symptom that spans the spectrum of possible diseases, disorders and injuries. It is difficult to diagnose and treat. It can involve multiple pathologies, let alone just one as subtle and challenging as fibromyalgia or complex regional pain syndrome.

At the same time, pain management specialists are in a unique competitive relationship with other physicians endeavoring to provide their patients effective relief. Also, some patients live with pain long before arriving at a specialty pain practice. And when they do seek treatment, they have numerous options. Also, pain specialists also have another competitor: Drug seekers.

Your Marketing and Advertising Needs are Unique.

These and other concerns are intrinsic to the marketing and advertising needs of pain-medicine practices and specialists. And the marketing needs of anesthesiologists differ from those of PM&R specialists, despite their shared focus on relieving pain. At Healthcare Success, we also know from vast experience that your needs as a pain management physician are unique to you… and that they are the key to your marketing and advertising success.

A Scientific, Ethical Approach to Marketing Success.

Like you, our approach is rooted in both evidence and ethics. This starts by carefully gathering all the information about your practice, your marketplace, your target audience and the particulars of your approach, style and philosophy. What are your marketing goals? Are you trying to change your case mix? Are you trying to help more people with a new, effective treatment or intervention? Do you need to overcome a new competitive challenge?

Our veteran marketing and advertising professionals then base their recommendations on the findings of our comprehensive analysis and the lessons learned from more than 20 years of experience with thousands of different situations and challenges in hundreds of types of marketplaces. Here’s how we take a scientific approach to helping you achieve marketing and advertising success:

• Know what works – With decades of experience, our consultants have learned the lessons about what does and doesn’t work in marketplaces like yours.

• Have a strategy – Successful marketing starts with a strategic plan that considers every aspect of your practice.

• Initiate—and stick to—the plan – A tailored strategic marketing plan only works if you start it and stay with it. We help you develop that process and put it to work.

• Measure the results – Our professionals will help you develop a reliable process for evaluating the success of your marketing so we know what works

• Be ethical – Ethics are at the heart of science. And your reputation is your chief asset, So we believe your marketing and advertising should reflect high standards of ethics.

Help More Patients and Achieve Your Unique Goals.

At Healthcare Success, we provide comprehensive marketing and advertising services to help your pain management practice reach and inform its prospective referrers and patients, enhance its reputation and achieve its one-of-a-kind goals.

From consulting and branding to advertising, internet and tailored physician-referral programs, we can help you help more people living with pain… always with ethics and your reputation in mind.

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