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As the field of psychiatry continues to evolve, psychiatrists who have come to us over the past 20 years share many of the same concerns. These include ways to answer the public stigma that surrounds those patients who seek professional services.

It’s a longstanding marketing challenge. Fear and shame often prevent patients from seeking help, contributing to the undermining of the practitioner’s potential effectiveness.

In recent years, some providers have elected to concentrate in a particular area of interest such as ADHD or perhaps forensics. Others may work in health centers, devoting only part-time hours to private practice settings. What’s more, lower and often limited reimbursement, and higher costs frustrate psychiatrists across the board.

Because referrals are vital to the success of any psychiatrist’s practice, practitioners seek to develop lasting, reciprocal relationships with psychologists and other behavioral health providers. This relationship establishes a professional referral channel, and in some cases, provides a supportive and beneficial team approach to patient care.

Success is largely the product of a planned approach to ethical marketing. A customized plan for advertising and public relations can creatively differentiate the practice from the competition, and can inspire doctor referrals and patient recommendations, taking your practice to the next level.

As one strategy, developing a high quality and professional website communicates the branding message and extends your professional reputation. In addition, an online presence connects prospective patients, doctors and other referral sources to your psychiatric practice.

Differentiating your professional services from the competition by building and extending a strong brand identity positions you as a reputable, accessible psychiatrist who patients can trust.

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