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Competition is fierce in the field of urgent care…and it’s increasing.

In addition to the rapid growth of independent community urgent care facilities, hospital clinics and emergency departments are other players on the same field. The establishment of an urgent care practice, though, can be a terrific opportunity if you lay a solid foundation based on sound business strategies.

That’s where we come in.

Through strategic and effective urgent care facility marketing, PR and branding, our experts will help you position yourself in the marketplace as the preeminent provider of choice. Strategies and tactics would consider, for example, the importance of location and prominent signage, and communicating value that is quick and convenient.

Our services are not all about growing the bottom line. That, of course, is the end result, but what we focus on, and what makes us successful is creating and implementing ethical and highly effective strategies and tactics.

Our expertise can help you establish and grow your practice with:

  • Sound and strategic branding initiatives. We’ll help craft the best image for your facility or practice in a way that clearly stands out from the competition. Strong branding is vital to your success.
  • Diversification and growth planning. Our specialists will walk you through the pros and cons of offering supplemental services like diagnostics, drug testing, vaccinations, routine check-ups, physical examinations, occupational medicine and health programs for women and men.
  • Community outreach and awareness. Let us help you establish effective public relations and positive publicity techniques that resonate with your area or region.

Our years of experience in urgent care marketing allow us to recommend the best and most effective solutions for your practice. From all-inclusive marketing campaigns to as-needed public relations and publicity efforts, you can feel confident that, with our expertise, you will:

  • Maintain a high standard of ethics
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Grow your practice profits and
  • Counteract aggressive competition

Ready for marketing with measurable results? Call us now at (800) 656-0907.

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