Achieve Vascular Surgery Goals with Advertising and Marketing.

Communicate with Referrers and Prospective Patients… Effectively.

Vascular Surgery Marketing

In vascular surgery, like with any medical profession, there are specific problems and challenges unique to this one discipline.

At the same time, vascular surgeons also share specific needs and problems that are intrinsic to providing medical care, regardless of specialty. And, of course, each surgeon or partnership or group in the vascular surgery has a unique situation for the simple fact that every person, every surgeon, every area and every practice is one of a kind.

But there are some commonalities between vascular surgeons, including one that is shared with most specialties: Marketing can help your practice overcome certain challenges, achieve specific goals and maximize its success. But it must be done well.

Healthcare Marketing Specialists Who Know Vascular Surgery.

At Healthcare Success, our medical-marketing professionals — strategists, consultants, trainers, planners, account managers, creatives, etc — understand healthcare marketing. Even more importantly, we understand it as it pertains to the needs of vascular surgeons and their practices, whether large or small.

With more than 20 years’ experience, our pros take a strategic approach to helping vascular surgeons grow, change, increase patient numbers, change case mixes and achieve any of myriad other business and marketing objectives. We draw upon our experience and what has worked well for practices like yours with patient populations like yours and similar situations as yours. With this, we recommend and can implement a wide array of marketing strategies—strategies that we know have gotten results.

Healthcare Success’ Comprehensive Marketing Services

• Consulting

• Branding

• Response-driven messaging

• External advertising (newspaper, print, radio, television, billboards, etc.)

• Internal marketing to maximize patient referrals

• Print collateral (marketing pieces)

• Referral building with practice representative/liaison program

• Publicity / public relations

• Staff and practice-liaison training

Experienced, Strategic Marketing & Advertising to Help You…

Understand and reach your target market. By strategically investigating your marketplace and pairing our findings with what we know of vascular-surgery marketing, we’ll identify how to best communicate with your target audience… and what messages work in which circumstances.

Identify, hire and train a capable practice liaison. Driven largely by referrals, vascular surgeons depend on their relationships with other doctors. In addition to helping craft the most effective messages for current and prospective referrers, we can help you find the right person to represent your practice to their practices and train them to be maximally effective in that endeavor.

Identify which marketing tactics will work best. It isn’t enough to market. To rise above, you must market well. Our experienced professionals know which tactics are most likely to work. Then we work with you to maximize their efficacy… and to actually measure it. With this scientific approach, we’re able to see both what has worked best before and what is working best for you at any given time.

Develop a sound Internet marketing strategy. Internet strategies are still vital for referral-driven practices like vascular surgery. Someone being recommended for endarterectomy is likely to comply with a referral. But the fact is that patient compliance with referrals can be helped by giving patients a place to go learn about you. Also, physician referrers rely on the Internet, too. In addition, you’ll want a strategic internet presence, one that appeals to all constituents and delivers the message they need to the place they need it.

Maximize community outreach and create publicity/public relations. Even as a vascular surgeon, public outreach can make a difference in prospects’ awareness of who you are, how you do and why you can be trusted to do it well.

Ready to maximize your vascular-surgery success with effective, strategic marketing with measurable results? Call us at (800) 656-0907.

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